Monday, August 22, 2011

Moon and Stars

Just for the fun of it, I planted Watermelons and Muskmelons this year.  It was a "what the heck" kind of moment.

The Muskmelons did nothing, nada...El Zippo.  Too much shade.  Everything with vines will be moved next year to the new garden patch that we'll start to dig if it ever decides to get cool again.  (Yes...the heat is back on!  Panting here.)

The Moon and Stars Watermelon that I got from Baker Creek offered up 4 melons.  Two were small and "melted" like the Wicked Witch of the West.

"I'm melting!"

Who can blame them?

But the other two hung in there.  This weekend I noticed that the vines were dying back so I went ahead and yanked them.

Size wise, they are nowhere near the size of the pictures in the catalog.  Plus, I had stars, but no moon :(

Once I cracked them open, you can see that they're still a bit immature. 

I dug out the good stuff and low and behold it was sweet!  Truly, I wasn't expecting that!

So I think I will try these again next year.  But I'll put them in a sunnier spot.  The turn around time took forever too.  I direct sowed these the first weekend of May so that's almost 120 days.  Perhaps I'll start the melons indoors next year.  It'd be nice to have melons in July.


  1. 120 days???!!! Wow, that seems like a long time. I get all frazzled when there are fruits / veggies that have an 85 day harvest time on them. I don't know if I could keep something alive long enough to harvest with that kind of date.

  2. Watermelon are so tricky to know when ripe. It is always a crap shoot. Sometimes you win, sometimes the chickens win.

  3. Hurrah for your melons! And four of them to boot. :) You should have seen us out in our garden trying to decide if we should pick the watermelon or not, LOL. Glad you enjoyed yours!

  4. I've seen those in catalogs-it's good to finally see someone who's grown them. Glad you got a couple-that's a LONG time for a harvest.

  5. Hubby always picks them when the curly closest to the fruit dies. Me, dunno. I let him do it!

    But at least you have some! That's the best part!