Monday, August 29, 2011

A Plethora of Peppers

A few days ago I bought a case of Green Peppers at the Farmers Market.  "What's up with that?" you might ask.  Well, just about everything I cook that has the "Holy Trinity" of carrots, onions and celery always gets a bit of green pepper tossed in too.  

Some people love garlic, I love Green Peppers.  Not raw though...only in a cooked dish.

Now, I planted 20 some-odd bell pepper plants this year.  I did harvest some, but not nearly enough that I'd hoped for.  If there's secret to growing bell peppers, I'm bound and determined to figure it out.  Next year we'll find a shadier spot, in the ground (not a raised bed), plant them tight and deep and keep some shade cloth handy to combat our extreme heat.

Last winter, bell peppers were selling for up to $2 each and I remember saying to SM that I planned on going into THIS winter with a good supply of frozen peppers.

The price has come down with availability during the summer but I hadn't seen the price of peppers below a dollar, (either at the FM or at the grocery) until the other day.

On Saturday, SM and I saw signs for 50 cents each at the FM and these peppers were HUGE.  And they smelled wonderful.  "You're going to get some right?"  SM asked.  "You bet I am!"

As SM wandered off in search of other good things, his wife was working the deal.  "How much for a case?"  I asked the vendor.  A thoughtful look on her face she said "$22 dollars".  So I went ahead and jumped.

I hauled my booty out to the main aisleway and patiently waited for SM to return.  He comes wandering up and his eyes pop open.  "A whole case?"  

"Yep!  I'm freezing them."  I replied.

"Well, that's a year worth of peppers for sure..."

So that's what I did.  And guess what?  There were 63 HUGE peppers in that case.  Do the math and that's .35 cents a pepper.

When was the last time your bought a fresh green pepper for .35 cents?

I cut 2 gallon bags of strips.  

2 gallon bags of "rough chop" and I also used the food processor to "fine chop" 6 - 1 cup bags for soups.  (When I make soups I make a HUGE pot.)

 I also roasted some and stuck those in the freezer too.

SM wants some stuffed green peppers BIG TIME so I kept back about 6 peppers for that and for fresh roasting and eating over the next few weeks.

This is one of those times that buying in bulk really pays off!  As long as you can store it safely (and use it) than it's a great deal.


  1. That was a fantastic deal. I put peppers in the freezer every year. I freeze jalapenos whole to throw in my stock when I make it. Gives a slight zing that my family loves. The roasted ones look great!

  2. Tami - Apparently if you plant your pepper seedlings deeper than you normally would, then the roots will be more prolific, and the harvest will be more bountiful. I think this hint originally came from Jane of HWH. I'm certainly going to try it this year.

    I can't eat green peppers (they repeat something terrible) but with yellow / red or orange ones I have no problem.

  3. What a deal! Those roasted peppers look SO good!

  4. Awesome deal! I too am going to take Jane's advice and go deep with them next year. This year we just didn't get much either. And I love colored peppers. Yummy. I would have bought those peppers up in a heartbeat!!

  5. Excellent! This is exactly what I should do. We're right in there with you having a good stash of peppers in the freezer!

  6. Wow!!! What a great deal! That's a lotta peppa! :-)