Friday, August 12, 2011

Post-It Love

SM is out of town this weekend visiting relations in Ohio.  He left Wednesday noonish, and when I got home I found this sweet love note.

"Love you Squeetie!"  (Who says you can only say it with Hallmark?)

Love you back, Squeetie Man (That's what SM stands for.)

Like most couples, we've always had "nick-names" for each other.   "Baby' is big with me, but I use "Hey Baby" in place of "Hello" with everyone I know.  When I was younger, I used to call SM "Bear"... (as in Teddy). 

SM calls me "Mama-sita" from time to time.

I think the whole "Squeetie" thing came about from a Seinfield episode where Jerry and his lady love call each other "Shmoopy".

(Laughing....)  I love how annoyed the other characters get with the "Shmoopy".  And then the classic "Do I know You?" and her face at the end!

So...fess up!  What are your annoying love names for each other.  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Aww, sweet note! We both typically call each other "baby". Hope SM makes enjoys his visit and makes it home safely.

  2. No pet names here. We do call Big K "Daddy-man" on occasion.
    I remember that Seinfeld episode. Gotta love the disfunction in that group!

  3. Since i just go Bob, bob, bobbing along, I guess it's Bob. I also use "honey" a lot.

  4. No pet names least none that are printable!

  5. Well we have a couple: My first name and my husband's first wife's name were so close he was always terrified of mixing the two, so I was *Tootsie* for about 15 years and he was *Billy Boy*...then we watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof during a certain romantic weekend and he became *Big Daddy* and I'm *Big Momma*...and the two names have stuck...even the kids call us Big Daddy and Big Momma...we do get the looks in public..