Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reduced For Quick Sale

I like to go shopping first thing in the morning.  Not only to avoid the crowds but also because that's when the stores mark down any meat that's about to hit it's expiration date.  It's a nice way to save a few extra bucks.

SM eats more meat than I do but we've both noticed that (as we've gotten older) our tummies seem to like a lower fat meat like chicken and turkey.  We do still eat pork, ham and beef...just not as much.

I'm always on the look out for "reduced" meats but haven't had much luck over the past few months.  Either the stores haven't had them up or (most likely) someone's beat me to the punch.  Last week and today, I've managed to hit some good deals.  Last week I got some pork chops and sausages for a few bucks off.  This week, at Sam's, I found 2 packages of hamburger discounted by about $2.50 each.

Believe it or not, this much hamburger (about 10 lbs) will probably last us 6 months.  I see Meatloaf, Chili and Spaghetti with meatballs in these packages.

I never used freezer paper before this year.  If I bought meat, we'd usually just cook it and eat it the day it was purchased.  If I did freeze meat I usually just wrapped it up in a Ziploc freezer bag.  Since we've purchased the upright freezer, I can now buy meat in bulk and so I need to store it properly.

*Slight side note here...As I was driving to and from the store I saw many homes that are up for sale that have a "Reduced" or "New Lower Price" on the signage.  

Boy, do I feel their pain.  I hope never to be in their shoes, but I have to acknowledge that the possibility exists.  

I saw that for a 15 year fixed rate loan... fixed!!!!... is now being offered at 3.50%.  Wow!  SM and I re-fi'd over a year ago at 4.25% and we thought it couldn't go much lower then. 

Amazing times we're living in isn't it?


  1. Meat costs are rising so fast. Hubby and I eat less and less every year, it seems.
    We did some tractor work for a neighbor a few weeks back. As a thank-you, he gave us 5 one-pound packs of ground beef from his home raised beef. We weren't expecting anything-we just do it to be neighborly. You can imagine how surprised (and GRATEFUL) we were. That's about 2 months worth of ground beef for us.

  2. We've cut our meat consumption in half this last year. I hardly eat meat at all in the summer months. I love fresh veggies and great cheese so this time of year I'm very happy. Billy Boy still likes his hunk of meat (I've reduced his portion size).

    In our area about every 5th house on the block is a bank foreclosure sale. Such a sad, sad, mess. I have 4 very good friends that have lost their homes and at least that many that fear they will. It's unheard of! I cannot imagine the stress and fear that would cause a family. One friend lost the home that had been in the family for 70 was the family's pride and joy. My friend and her husband borrowed money on it to put in a pool, make downpayments on 2 pickups and pay off a couple credit cards, now it's all gone, including the pick-ups. It just makes me want to cry.

  3. I can't imagine that amount of meat lasting more than a week in my house. With growing boys that are complete carnivores, I'm so thankful for the deer meat we get every winter.

  4. I like your shopping habits :o) I too buy my ground beef at Sam's Club and I re-wrap it in about 1 lb packs in Suran wrap and then put them into one gallon freezer bags..I don't have to label the bag because I can see the individual packs of meat..If I want to make a meat loaf I use two..otherwise one pack is enough for a couple of hamburgers each for us.