Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shuckin Beans

One of my goals next year is to plant more beans.  I love me some beans.  I usually just eat them fresh or freeze them up.  (I never was into the taste/texture of canned beans...go figure.)

On a whim, I planted some Lima Beans in July.  I've never grown Lima's before so I've been watching them with interest.  Only about half germinated in the mid summer heat but they did seem to withstand the bugs better than the green and yellow bush beans.  They put out some pods, not a ton, but a respectable amount.  Each pod only had about 2-3 beans in them though.

OhioFarmGirl had written a post about Horticulture Beans and I think I'm going to add them to the "Bean Fest" I'm hoping to have here next year.  OhioFarmGirl was extolling the virtues of her dried beans and I thought that since the Lima beans were already starting to dry, I'd let them go all the way.  

I went out last night and eyeballed the plants.  They're still hang in there. (Yes, we're back in the 90's)  The plants themselves are still green and appear to want to put out more flowers and pods.  In fact, many of the pods are still green.  But the ones that were dry were already splitting and "popping" the beans out at the slightest touch.

I went ahead and gathered them up.  It was kinda fun.  You could easily see the pods since they were brown but all you had to do was shake the plant to make sure you didn't miss any.  The beans rattle in the pods.  

So this is what I got.  

Hmmm.  I can buy a bag of beans for a buck at the store.  If I'm going to do dried beans, it looks like I'm going to need A LOT of of plants.  It looks like the Horticulture Beans give you more beans per pod.  Maybe I won't be doing Lima's next year.

What beans produce best for you?


  1. Hey Tami!
    This is the second year we've planted beans...white beans, green beans, black beans, lima beans, purple cowpeas (beans) and I'm not sure how many we'll do next year. It seems that we need a LOT of space to produce anywhere near the amount we like to eat and right now I'd rather use our limited space for more things like squashes, okra, tomatoes... staples for us. Ya' just can't beat the great flavor of fresh-picked fresh beans though. Decisions....decisions....
    Have a great day!

  2. We planted beans for drying this year too! Mine are still putting out really well, but I did pick my first small batches of each. Yellow Eye, Lima and Black Turtle Soup. I should end up with more Lima than any, but right now the Blacks are out pacing the others.

    It's almost theraputic getting those buggers out, isn't it?

  3. I love dry beans. I try and fix a pot every week. But, I don't grow them. They take up way too much space...and this is bean grow'n I let my son, Farmer Sam grow and harvest them and I just reap the rewards...lots'a good old beans.

  4. I found a source of organic beans and stock up once a year. I'm way to lazy to grow my own. I do like frozen green beans, but that's all I do. Best of luck to you. I think the worst part will be trying to narrow it down. There are so many pretty ones out there!

  5. Dry beans really are something if you don't have a lot of space it might be better to find a local farmer who supplies them. Of course if you don't eat that many, you might be able to grow enough.

  6. I think that's something I'd like to try! We love beans around here!

  7. I plant dry beans as a second crop in areas where I don't have anything to plant. When I harvest them, I wait and just pull the entire plant and let them hang on the back porch until I have time to shell them. It does take a lot to get a little!