Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer As It Should Be

The past few days have been excellent weather-wise.  We broke out of a crappy weekend with hot humid stormy weather and started the week out with a beautiful weather pattern of normal summer days.

When I think of summer I think of days close to 90 and nights cool enough to open the windows.  I see blue skies, not the hazy white sky we've had the past few months.  It's here.  Summer as it should be.  Postcard perfect.

Someone finally turned the oven off.  I have the windows open and the fans on and I just can't be more relaxed.  It feels so good to breathe fresh air in my own home instead of the closed up air conditioned stuff I breathe most days in the Summer.  It's wonderful to be able to sit on our back porch swing and be able to talk and relax after a hard days work.  The pups are out sniffing and chasing birds (and each other.)

SM came home late Tuesday night.  He'd been gone almost a week.   "When was the last time we've been away from each other a whole week?"  I asked.

"Probably when we were newly married, years ago.  I'm sure I've had business trips that took a week." SM replied.

SM told me that it was almost cold in Columbus Ohio where he was visiting friends and family this past week.  "It was in the low 60's at night.  But it was beautiful during the day in the 70's."  SM stayed a few extra days to help his brother stain the trim of his house.  Ron is closing in on 70 and they have a 2 story that has cedar trim that needed staining.  So SM went up the ladder and did what he could while Ronnie and Connie worked on the lower half.  What he couldn't reach, Ron will hire someone to complete.

"You get BIG points from me for that."  I told him giving him a squeeze.  "It was nice of you to stay a few extra days and help him out.  Wow!  You're really tan!  You got a lot of sun!"  I observed.  (SM is from the Polish Indian Tribe.  I've always teased him that I never knew there were such a thing as Polish Indians.  He goes outside for one day and turns a rich shade of brown that takes me all summer to try and get.)

"I got that on the drive home.  I had the sun roof open and all the windows down.  It was a wonderful drive through the mountains."  SM comes down Interstate 77 through West Virginia.

"It's funny...As I came down the hill (into Mount Airy) I could feel the difference in the air.  You could smell Summer.  Almost like a beach smell.  The temperature popped up 10 degrees instantly."  SM said.

Coming down off (or going up) the mountain ridge around Mt Airy is a stunningly breathtaking sight.  The Blue Ridge Parkway also snakes through that area.  Beautiful vistas.  I'm shocked there aren't more traffic jams or accidents on that stretch of the Interstate.  It just makes you want to pull over and just stand there for a while.

Anyway...Welcome home SM.  Welcome back Summer (as it should be in my mind anyway.)  For another month or so.  Then I hope to be saying "Hello" to fall.


  1. Hooray for your better temps!

    Let's hope they stick around for good.
    We're starting to see a lot of 40's at night. The air is definately "crisp" now. Love it!

  2. I had a jacket on too when it got to the sixties. See you CAN get used to 98 and think that is normal. It gets in the 70's and you think it is winter. But I am sad to report since your husband left the temperature and humidity went back up. He timed it just right.

  3. Welcome home SM! We had a nice stretch of weather too and it did get chilly at night. But the humidity popped back in along with all the allergies again. Wont be long and we will be putting those sweatshirts on the top shelf again.

  4. Hey SM, welcome home! The last week has been gorgeous here in Kentucky. The humidity has finally broke and it's just as summer should be!

  5. I know it sounds whiney, but I'm not a fan of summers in the East. Yuck! Hot and humid.....double yuck! Come on Fall. :)

  6. Welcome home to your hubby. Glad he can help family out like that.

    Enjoy summer your way!