Monday, September 26, 2011

The A to Z Of Me

Laura at Our Wee Farm offered up this cute meme and since there's nothing going on in my world right now, I thought I'd participate.
A=Age; 49 1/2 We're closing in on the big FIVE OH (as in "Oh My God")
B=Bed size; King.  We started out in a twin.  Moved up to a queen.  And now it's a King...Love it!
C=Chore that you hate; Scrubbing out the shower...Yuck!
D=Dogs; Scooter, Ginny and Casey (or Boo, Princess and Piglet, or Squirrel Bait, Gin-Gin and Flounder, or Pasta Head, Eqyptian Queen and Tapper...)  Too many nicknames to count!
E=Essential start to you day; A walk with the pups.  I need to breathe the fresh air and have some quiet time.
F= Favourite colour; Acid Green (But actually any green will do)

G=Gold or silver; Gold.  But the only thing I wear now is a pair of earrings.
H= Height; 5ft 8in
I=- Instruments you play; Nada, nothing.
J=Job title; Surgical Tech/Consultant
K-Kids; Just the pup's and SM
L=Live; I was born in NY State, moved to Texas, then Ohio, Virginia Beach, back to Ohio and now North Carolina.  I tell SM I want to live in an RV out west like my Mom does.
M=Mother's name; Donna
N=Nickname; Squeetie.  Only SM uses that one though.
O=Overnight hospital stays; Two.  As a child, I was in for kidney issues.  Last year, emergency appendectomy.
P=Pet peeves; Anything messy.  I can't think with a mess.  Considering I live with Mr Disorganized, I'm amazed that I can think at all.
Q=Quotes from a film; "Silly rabbit...Tricks are for kids."  Kill Bill Vol 1 and "I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills."  Out of Africa- The best movie ever made IMHO.
R=Right or left handed; Right handed, left brained.
S= Siblings; Three.  One older sister, one younger sister and a kid brother

T=Time you wake up; Between 4:30 and 5:30 every "freakin" day.  I wouldn't know how to sleep in.
U=Underwear; Why would I discuss that?  "Yes Mom...They're clean!"

V=Vegetable I hate: Brussel sprouts and spinach.  Too bitter.
W=What makes you run late; SM
X=Xrays you've had; CT on the tummy last year.

Y=Yummy food that you make; Soups, cookies and cakes.  Or at least that's what I get complimented on the most.  EVERYONE loves my Oatmeal Craisins.
Z=Zoo animals;
What about em?  I am fascinated by the Gorilla and Monkey houses. What does THAT say about me?


  1. Tami - Cool to learn about you :)

    If you make creamed spinach it's not bitter at all :)
    re: Time - what time do you go to bed?

    And, don't worry about the big 50 - nothing to it (apart from grey hairs appearing LOL). Seriously, life BEGINS at 50!

  2. Fascinating! Fifty is the new black...
    It just keeps gettin' better!

  3. We have a lot of similarities--but c'mon--spinach is wonderful!!!
    And fifty really is no big deal husband tells me all the time how hot I am. (might be the flashes--LOL!!!)

  4. Glad your underwear is clean.
    Love Mom