Friday, September 2, 2011


Everyday I look in the mirror and let me tell you...It's getting tough. 

I'm looking old.  The lines, the wrinkles and bags...I even tell myself to go ahead and embrace my grey.  (I also tell myself to stop looking in the mirror.)  I want to age gracefully.  Ha! 

The reality is that good lighting makes all the difference in the world as you get older.  There is a Seinfeld Episode where Jerry dates a woman and depending on the lighting she either looks good or looks like a hag.

Boy...I can relate!

Did you know that the Feds are trying to make us look ugly?  Ever heard of CFL's?  Compact Fluorescent Lights.  These are the new energy efficient bulbs that everyone is trying to shove down our throats.  Countries across the world have embraced CFL's and are slowly phasing out incandescent bulbs.

We tried one in the light over our sink a few years ago.  I didn't mind the weird shape or the fact that it took a few minutes to warm up.  We both hated it because it made the kitchen look cold.  Almost a blue light.  It hurt our eyes, we started to squint.  The light gave us a headache!  And we both looked like death warmed over.  Woof.  As in "Bow Wow".  Talk about instant ugly. 

(*I understand that CFL's are now available in different color temperatures that are more similar to the warmer glow of an incandescent.)

The whole purpose of a CLF is energy efficiency.  (Here's a nice site that explains the facts and myths of CFL's.)  Besides being expensive, the biggest drawback is the mercury they contain.  Are people really going to dispose of them properly?  I doubt it. 

There are options out there.  Halogen is being discussed.  (Heck, just use candles or oil lamps.)

Some lawmakers want to repeal the Bulb Act.  South Carolina has put up a bill (pending approval) to allow the manufacture and sale of incandescents within the state.  Let the "free-market" decide.

That's all I want.  Let me decide what kind of lighting I want in my house.  We might try CLF's again (with the warmer color) but it's just not right to take away my choice. 

Getting older is tough enough without having to use lights that make you look "fugly".


  1. Tami - LOL - I've got to the stage where, never mind CFL's, even sunlight shows all the cracks and flaws.

    What the heck - never been a Hollywood movie star, never wanted to be either. If they want to look 30 at 75 - it's their loss - life is for the living and loving, not for pretending.

    And what about LED lights? :)

  2. I think we should have the choice. I use CFL's in most areas, but NOT in the bathroom,please! And I don't like them in my reading lamp. I'm stocked up on regular bulbs so that even if it isn't repealed--I have PLENTY for the few things I NEED them for.

  3. tami-As long as wisdom comes with the lines and grey, I don't mind. We use mostly CFL's here. But I don't think it should be legislated, for corn's sake!

  4. The CFL's are a little rough on the bathroom mirror I agree. I think the worst part of all these bulbs is that not a one is made in the USA. Why cant we make a darn bulb? So your right, I think the oil lamp is the way to go. You look real good in lamp light.

  5. Mood lit CFLs? I can understand the push for the energy saving aspect of it, but like you- question if they will be disposed of properly. And my concern was needing to put on a hazmat suit if you break one. Will people really do that? And if the mercury in our mouths need to come out, why this then? We are all going to turn into Mad Hatters!!!

  6. Amen. One more way they are trying to control what we buy. I do not like the new stuff either. Some places, you can not even get the older bulbs. We have the right to have a choice, and they do need to come up with something better.

  7. Oh my...just had the disscusion with my husband: he's hoarding 100+
    watt light bulbs...100's of them. He hates CFL's and he REALLY HATES anyone telling him what he can and can't purchase with his money.