Monday, September 5, 2011

Full On For Fall (Cooking That Is...)

What is going on in my house?  

Two days ago I made chili.  Yesterday I made applesauce.  This morning as I'm chopping up the butternut squash (that's  been sitting on my counter for a month waiting to be processed), SM points out that there's 3 banana's slowly decomposing on the counter.   

(Oh Yum...*Seriously, bananas are the grossest thing ever put on the planet.  I can eat one if it's a nice firm yellow.  But that only lasts...what? 90 seconds?  And then it becomes this pulsating mass of stinkyness...Ugh...they are so GROSS.)

"How about some banana bread?"  SM asks.

So I Googled "Best Banana Bread" and found this recipe for Flours Famous Banana Bread  Now I've been screwed by Food Network recipe's before.  Can't really tell you why but they usually end up bland as all get out.  

But I've found over the years, that Alton Brown is a GOD and Paula Dean is the biggest faker in the South.  (A true BS artist.  The sound of her voice and that fake (exaggerated) accent annoys the crap outta me!  True Southerners don't sound like that.)  But I digress.

If I'm searching out a new recipe I usually steer more towards the AllRecipe site.  Or try some of the recipes ya'll blog about.

But the Flours Banana Bread got the best reviews from the commenter's who'd tried this recipe.  So I thought, "What the's not like I'm going to eat it!  So I gave it a shot.  

I used brown sugar instead of white.  Doubled the cinnamon and didn't even bother with whipping the eggs for 10 minutes(Please...who has that kind of time?)  I tossed in some Craisins and baked it in my stone cake pan instead of the recommended loaf pan.  I have to admit it didn't smell half bad.

SM was on his toes when it came out.

So how was it?  SM says that "If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, than he hit the jackpot with me."  (I think he'll keep me around for a few more years.) 

So this one is a keeper in my household.  If you have a nasty, pulsating mass of banana's on your kitchen counter give it a shot.


  1. I like the idea of putting it in a cake pan!! I never make banana bread because I have trouble getting the middle of the loaf done all the way. If I leave it in long enough to do that, the outside is too dark. Thanks!

  2. OMG this was the perfect post for today. I have exactly that, a stinking rotting mess of bananas on my counter right now! I will be trying this recipe tomorrow. And yeah, I am totally with you - bananas are GROSS and the bread is only for the husband. EWWWWW

  3. OH AND I HATE PAULA DEAN (I am NOT shy about that one) and I LOVE ALTON BROWN

    Her recipes suck, and he is awesome. I miss the late night episodes of "Good Eats"

  4. I hate bananas, but love banana cake and bread...weird. The recipe sounds great!

  5. I admit bananas are not my favorite fruit and I'm not really crazy about banana bread. But that looks mighty good and the craisins were a stroke of genius. Think I'll add this to my must try list. Oh, I do like bananas frozen. Great in smoothies or eat with a spoon, kinda like ice cream.