Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden Walk

I hadn't been out in the garden in awhile as it hasn't been producing much other than the Matt's WC. 

I really want to get the fall garden growing but our projected highs this week are again in the 90's.  

We usually "break" our Summer weather pattern around September 15th so that's when I hope to sow our fall lettuces.  I took a shot about a month ago and only 1 variety popped and even that was only 50%. 

I thought the Lima's were done but they are getting a second wind.  Blossoms, pods and new green leaves!  It's amazing what slightly cooler weather will do.

I've got fruit setting on the few tomato plants I left alone.

Carrots are coming along.

And I picked some green and yellow beans yesterday...Yum

I planted two raspberry bushes this spring.  I bunnies did a number on the some of the leaves but I'm pleased to see that the runners are looking good.  I know absolutely nothing about growing raspberries but the plant seems to like where it's at so that's good enough for me!

The Blueberries on the other hand....They are sorely neglected.  See all that Bermuda?  I need to get in there and yank it all.  I've got three Blueberries in there and they DON'T like this spot.  Hardly any growth at all.  I'll need to transplant them this fall to somewhere else.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking of putting them in the front landscaped bed.  Less sun there.

This is the area that we plan on converting to more garden space. 

Once cooler weather hits we hope to double dig this whole area, fence it and manure everything...old and new spaces.  I need organics in my soil.  Our neighbor has a few piles of grass clippings from his yard laying around.  I'm wanting to toss in lots of leaf mulch this Fall (and I know I'll mooch what I can from our neighbors), but I'm hesitant to ask for the grass clippings from them as they use True Green chemical service.  I'm assuming that it wouldn't be good for the garden.  Does anyone know?

Slight side note here...SM was talking with our neighbor who just put in a pool this Summer.  He asked SM what our electric bill was last month.  ($200 and THAT was a first!  We're usually around $175 but we've been so hot without any breaks in the weather, plus we have the extra freezer and fridge running.)  Turns out that our neighbor's electric bill was $500 last month.  The pool filter runs 24-7 and I think they were surprised at how expensive it would be to run.  I don't know if I would have thought of it.  Most people would consider only the cost of installation and chemicals, not the electricity.

Gardens aren't cheap to get started but "Wow"...I'm glad we never seriously considered a pool.  Seems like community pools are the smart way to go there.


  1. DO NOT put grass clippings on your garden that have been treated. My neighbor did that and killed her veggies deader than a doornail. Two years later, she is STILL trying to get a garden to grow there. Save yourself the misery. Bum leaves from everyone but no chemical goo for you!!

    And wow-pools are terrible on the electric, aren't they?!?! I guess I never realized.........

  2. Tami - So strange that you're heading for autumn - we're sort of in spring, but won't have the warmer weather until mid-October.

    That is a lot of electricity! Please tell your neighbour to check with their pool company - running a pool 24/7 is completely unnecessary. 1 hour morning and evening in winter, and 2 - 2/5 hours in summer should suffice. Don;t take my word for it - please ask the experts :)

  3. Tami, you're garden looks so good, even in this hot weather. I've procrastinated planting for fall too, because of the heat. I only hope the temps don't nosedive to the no-grow zone too soon this fall!

    I don't envy you your Bermuda grass. I hate that stuff. It's ruined my strawberry beds twice and is trying to invade my vegetable garden. I think it's an obnoxious invasive yet it's recommended as pasture grass! Yuk.

    Good point about the electricity. At least your garden costs were largely one time costs. That pool filter will have to run for as long as they have the pool! Ah for a good old fashioned swimmin' hole.

  4. I was complaining to DH about how high our electric bill was this summer ($150 one month) and he said that some of the guys at work had $350 bills! All I can say is "Ouch"!

  5. My mil had a huge pool built in 1977...I mean huge (pictures on my blog). She even had a heating system put in. That Easter she heated that pool up and everyone went swimming every day until she got her electric bill: $1100! And that was in 1977...I don't think she ever turned that heater on again. We use the pool now that she's gone and the sweep and filter run all the time, but Bill has it on solar...and we don't use the heater.

  6. I wouldn't put anything that's been treated with chemicals on my garden. If you want organic, you gotta start with organic.

    Your garden beds look great! Can't wait to see what else you add!

    Too hot here for much, we wait until October to sow lettuce.