Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The New (to us) Car

We spent most of Tuesday in a sitting position.  Test driving, independent mechanic's inspection, bank loan paperwork and (finally) the purchasing paperwork on a used car.

SM has been looking at buying a new (to us) vehicle.  We've always purchased used cars instead of new "off the lot" cars.  We've never leased either.

After the Buick tangled with the Semi, it became obvious that we'd have to fast-track another vehicle quick.  

We currently have 4 vehicles right now.  The Jeep (my ride), the Buick (SM's), the Big Green Machine (our crappy truck) and one of SM's small white trucks from his business.  A few months ago, everything was dead except the Jeep.  We've gotten things repaired so everything is now up and running. (My driveway looks like a freaking used car lot!) 

Anyway...back to the new car.  While SM was test driving a few SUV's, I suggested he consider a mini-van.  (Say what?)  My logic was this...SM carries a lot of crap...wiring, tools, ladders, electrical equipment...and he usually shuffles all his crap between the garage and whichever vehicle he is working with that day.  So MY thought was to see if we could self-contain everything.  Put it all in one spot and LEAVE IT THERE.  (Please leave it there.)  His garage on wheels.

You see SM is a messy guy.  Crap everywhere.  His crap is slowly taking over my home and if he "borrowed" my Jeep for the day (or the week), his crap would infiltrate my clean car.  I gave up.  I had to for my sanity.  There's NO fighting it.  Crap wins out over clean every time.  EVERY TIME.

So it took a bit of persuasion on my part but SM actually started to like the idea.  We could remove the back seat for more room.  The mini-van is long enough for the ladder(s) to stay there.  Two slides and the hatchback for easy access to all his equipment.  He just needed to decide which mini-van he liked.  

It came down to the Honda Odyssey and the Nissan Quest.  The Quest had a better track record (engine/structure) and SM like the feel of the drive.  So we pinned down the model.  SM found a consignment last week that was white exterior with a tan leather interior and 97K miles on it.  He "dealed" the offer from $10,800 down to $9,500.  Accepted!

So here's the new kid.

We'll be putting the Buick and SM's white Ranger truck on Craig's List soon.  We'll take the profits from those two sales to either pay down the Quest or (as SM suggests) pay for some much needed home improvement projects like new windows.  (Our Credit Union gave us the loan for 3.10% for 60 months.  SM points out that's practically free money.)


  1. So, you're saying your husband has CRAP everywhere??? Teehee--I laughed when I read this. My gosh...every man in America is guilty of this. How we all refrain from killing them is anyones guess!
    Congrats on the van (and to less crap in the garage now!!)

  2. Tami - Congratulations :)

    Sounds like SM and RMan are twins who were separated at birth. We work from home - and my house constantly looks like an office - EVERY room! (except the bathrooms LOL)

    Your interest rate is excellent!

  3. Good deal! One less thing to worry about!

    Did someone say Crap? My husband thinks where ever he is, there's a garbage can. But there never is. So ergo...crap. If I find one more "tool" next to the'll read about it on the headlines.

  4. :) Hehe! You ladies are very funny! I love "listening in"! Unfortunately, I can't add to the "crap" you're giving your men. My guy would be saying this about ME. I'm always misplacing things and not putting them back when I use them.
    I CAN, however, talk about how hubby's idea of great room decor doesn't mesh with mine AT ALL, and I think it looks like crap...but that's another story. ;)

  5. "Practically," LOL. Well, it is a low interest rate and the car looks perfect for your needs. Good job on getting a garage on wheels!