Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saucy Girl

If someone had asked me last year what was the reason why I wanted to learn to can, I'd have told them "Applesauce."  I've frozen it, but I've never canned it and it's IMHO that canned applesauce rocks.


Since starting out this year as a novice to the canning world, I've canned peaches, jams, pickles, salsas and tomatoes.  Pretty basic stuff.  Cutting my teeth on all of that has been, not only fun, but also pretty demanding.  A new learning curve. Canning is to freezing, like cooking is to baking.  You can be a great cook but a lousy baker.  Since freezing is about protection, it's simple enough. you all have pointed out...has rules.  Do NOT break the rules.

But applesauce is why I'm here.  The gold star.  The crowning jewel.  

So imagine my surprise that the Ball Blue Book's recipe for applesauce is as simple as can be.  It's almost as though they're shrugging their shoulders.  "Do what you want."  All you need are apples, sweeten it to taste (or not) and add seasoning if you want it.  It seems that the only "rule" out there is to have the applesauce boiling when you ladle it into the hot jars.

Whoo Hoo!  (*You see I was nervous thinking that in order to get my applesauce the way I like it, I'd have to freeze it.  If I wanted it canned, I'd have to follow their recipe.)

So that's what I've spent this morning doing.  Two batches of chunky cinnamon applesauce under my belt.  13 jars total.  And I still have a case of apples left to do.

I started out mixing Cortland's with my beloved Mac's.  Mac's are so soft, I like to toss in a firmer, tarter apple so I can get a chunkier sauce.

I like to use lemon juice (with water), brown sugar and Saigon Cinnamon.  I buy this cinnamon at Sam's Club.  Boy, is this good stuff!  Taste testing as I went along, my morning zipped by quick!

So I've got a head start on the "saucing season" this weekend with 2 months to go.  Last year I ran out in January :( so I plan on putting up lots of jars of applesauce.  

I'd also like to put up some applesauce using Splenda brown sugar for SM (diabetic).  Has anyone canned applesauce with Splenda before?  I'm concerned about the taste.  I'd rather freeze the Splenda applesauce (like I did last year) than ruin it by canning.

The house smells SO good right now that SM asked for some pancakes (with fresh cinnamon applesauce on top!)


Better than IHOP, I can tell you that!


  1. Looking Good!I can smell that cinnamon all the way to my house! I've been working on Asian pears for the last two days! I've sauced them, made pear butter, and pear jelly...I should finish up before noon...then on to the peppers! Aren't you glad you started canning? many things to *put-up* so little time! :)

  2. Just a thought, cant you can the applesauce unsweetened and add the splenda on top when he eats it?

  3. I read your post about the Asian pears, Lynda. Let us know what the taste/texture is like...I'm curious.

    That's not a bad idea at all Jane. That's probably what I'll do.

  4. I would just can the apple sauce without gets super sweet because it concentrates the natural sugars in the sauce...last year we did this and 18 quarts were gone within 2 months (kids thought it was quite a sweet treat!)

  5. I'll echo that---add the Splenda when you open the jar.
    Love the smell of applesauce cooking down. And cinnamon-YUM!
    My grandma used to put those cinnamon red hots in hers. Sounds gross, but it was really good!

  6. Oh you give me such hope! My apple trees are loaded and ready but I was putting it off. Now I think I can make applesauce :) Thanks!

  7. Hey good for you! Your applesauce looks lovely and tasty!
    I am too afraid to try canning. Too much can go wrong! I am your newest follower!

  8. Hey Tami!
    I've also canned applesauce without adding sugar and it was really good. We're trying to cut back on sugar and salt over here...and the apple's natural sweetness came through well for us.
    You've done a great job with your canning this year. You sound like a 'pro'!