Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm not one to be indecisive or emotional.  I tend to be a mover and a shaker.  But this past week has been one of the strangest weeks I've had in awhile.

I'm verklempt.  Not sure what that means?  Watch this...

Verklept means that you're emotional.  In other words..."Freakin hormones!"  (There's a good reason why there's 3 middle aged women on that couch and (trust me) it ain't just a Jewish thing.  Could be a big hair thing though...I do like my hair BIG.  &;)

One minute I'm folding towels crying, the next minute SM comes up and pats me on my butt and I round on him like I want to rip his head off.  Trust me, he backed away from me like I was an explosive about to go off.  Which made me sad.  And then I wanted to cry again.

"Run away, Honey there's crazy lady in your house."

It might have something to do with the fact that the past few nights I've only slept about 3 hours each night.  9 to midnight and then "bink" wide awake again.  Somebody's messing with my light switch.  

After the second night of no sleep I rediscovered the joys of caffeine (buzz buzz here, buzz buzz there....Tra la la la la) and I started taking Shiff's Melatonin Ultra (my good menopausal friend Susan recommended this) before bedtime.

Schiff Melatonin Ultra. 300 Tablets. 3mg Melatonin + 25mg L-Theanine + 25mg GABA + Chamomile & Valerian Extracts
Now I'm not one for pill popping but this last year I've dedicated myself to healthier living by taking multivitamins and omega3 (fish oil) supplements.  Along with acidophilus for my cranky gut and an acid reducer for the reflux. I'll be adding vitamin D to this mix once a week now that we're heading into fall.

I think I'm officially old now.

A few weeks ago, I had taken an afternoon nap and woke up still sleepy.  It was dinner time so I went in to take my acid pill and took Ginny's antihistamine pill by mistake.  (I'm still alive)

So now I'm emotional AND stupid.  Damn's time to get one of those pill box thingies.
Apex Weekly Pill Organizer, Twice-a-Day, 1 Pill Organizer (Colors May Vary) 

 Then the other day I was curled up next to SM (one of my cuddly moments) and I asked him what he had for lunch that day.  He looked at me curiously and said "You made me lunch."

"I did?  What did I make?"  My mind was completely blank.

"You tell me.  You spent 2 hours in the kitchen making them."

I sat there feeling like Alzheimer's was about to pounce on me any second.  After about a minute it came to me..."Oh yeah, meatballs."

Tell you what, girlfriends...This menopause shit ain't for sissies.


  1. Menopause? That is Menopause?? Oh crap....then what's MY excuse???
    Can one get menopause at 37?

  2. I think the worst part of it is the forgetfulness. I'm so damn scared sometimes that I'm getting Alzheimers. I cannot remember stuff. Scary.
    And yes, ripping off the husband's head sometimes comes up too. No wonder men usually take up with a 20 year old about this time. Who could blame them-LOL!

  3. Girl, I'm right there with ya!
    It comes and goes...

    We swear by melatonin and we're not pill poppers either. It's a natural thang.

  4. Oh times for you! I have to say that I have faired pretty well through the Big M so far...compared to my mother!! This winter you will be throwing all the blankets off the bed and opening the window!! The worse part for me is the weight gain. I really don't like that extra weight one bit!! The good thing is that I have grown a bit in the bra department :)