Saturday, October 8, 2011

And A Good Morning To You Too!


It's pitch black outside.

Me.  Stumbling after pups who are a mission to sniff.

You see, it's trash day in the hood.  We have these little recycling bins for paper, tin and glass.

Puppy Nirvana.

So as I stumble along after them, hearing the clink and tinkle of glass and tins being shifted around by inquiring noses, I see a great big heap of something in the driveway.  I squint my sleepy eyes and blink.  (Bink!  My eyes pop open wide.)

Well, Hello Kitty!  Someone must've just moved into the house cause there is a "mother load" of perfectly stacked clean cardboard moving boxes.

We continue on our walk with me muttering "Don't forget, don't forget" because guess what?  I forget stupid stuff like this now that I'm "hormonal".

So when I get back to the house, I toss the pups back in, grab the keys and hop in the Jeep.  You gotta be fast around here as the recycling truck starts purring around the hood early.

So there I am, pilfering my neighbors cardboard on a crisp, dark October morning.  Why?  For the garden, Silly!  I really love how the cardboard works to keep the weeds and grass down.

So I stuffed it all in, then had to yank it all back out and toss it over my backyard fence.  I wouldn't want the recycling gal to take MY cardboard.

Back inside the the house, SM is just getting up.  

"Next time, leave a note."  He says. (Mr Cranky hasn't had his coffee yet.)

"I was only gone 10 minutes." I said after I explained what I'd been up too.

"What am I supposed to think?  The dogs are staring at the front door whining like you'd been kidnapped."  SM.

"Nah...they're just hungry and I walked out on them.  They probably thought they'd never eat again."  I kissed his forehead.  "Drink your coffee...I'll go feed the dogs."

So how did you start your day?


  1. Dark, three dogs, and you said "hello kitty"! I really thought the next paragraph would be about the tomato juice baths everyone got after seeing the pretty black and white kitty. Glad it was just cardboard.

  2. So glad you recycle :) Mebbe send out a note to the neighbourhood, so that they can get on the recycling bandwagon too - but that will, of course, mean less cardboard for you...

    Aw, sweet, SM was worried :) S'funny how the menfolks worry also portrays as crankiness / irritability when they realize they didn't need to. Also, the dogs would've woken SM up with barking if you really had been kidnapped - but I guess it was too early for him to rationalize... LOL

  3. I just cleaned out my garage and had a ton of old cardboard in there...I then put it in my garden for expansion...not to mention my neighbor's leaves will be going in too...instead of the landfill.

  4. You're cracking me up! I run around collecting white 5 gallon buckets! My poor grandkids think I'm a whack job! I have a couple "regular" places I haunt..have to drive down the back alleys...what an adventure!