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Friday, October 28, 2011

Darkness Falls

Fall Back. 

Next weekend is the weekend that our government declares that we should all push our clocks back by 1 hour in order to push more daylight into our work hours.  And to save energy.  Yeah right.

I thought I'd Wiki this concept.  Imagine my surprise that I find other countries have been sucked into this idea. 

World map. Europe, Russia, most of North America, parts of southern South America and southern Australia, and a few other places use DST. Most of equatorial Africa and a few other places near the equator have never used DST. The rest of the land mass is marked as formerly using DST.

DST observed
DST no longer observed
DST never observed
I personally feel this is a whole lot of blather and aggravation.  I'm still driving to and from work in the dark. My lights are still on in the am as well as the pm.  Energy savings?  I don't think so.

But if you want to stop by my house and see me falling asleep at 7:30 at night for the next few weeks, come on by.  But be sure not to spend the night.  The flip side is that I'll likely be sparky by 4 am.  And I'm sure you'll want to sleep in. 

Try telling the dogs that they're supposed to sleep in.  "But we want to go for a walk now..." as they nudge me as I lay in bed hoping to fake them out.  Can't fool them.  One little foot twitch and I hear the patter of feet coming down the hallway.  "She's up.  Did you hear that?  If we can get her up, then we can get outside for a walk and then we can eat breakfast.  Yeah us!"  How can you be mad at a dog that wakes you up by putting their face on the bed.  ("I can feel your tail wagging.")  And if I lay there much longer I'll get kisses and they jump on the bed...

Talk about Pavlov's Tami.

I swear the only ones with any common sense in all of this is Arizona. 

And the cat.


  1. Agreed! I hate when they mess with the clocks. Pick a time and LEAVE IT ALONE! What is the difference if you're using the lights in the morning or evening??????? And way up here, no matter what they do with the time, the kids are still sitting out in the dark on their way to school in the mornings. So I vote for stopping the time changes.

  2. I remember driving through Oregon and there was a certain part of the state that did not participate in DST. What a funny thing. My father also never believed in DST and would not let us change any clocks. Sometimes that got confusing :)

  3. That's why we are in AZ. It was a hoot when we were in Newfoundland and the time zone changed by 1/2 an hour. Atomic clock went bonkers every day. Finally we just mentally lopped off the 1/2 hour.

  4. Stupid time change. Really, what advantage is there?

  5. What an interesting map! I always loved the fall back part of it when I was in school because of the 'extra hour' of sleep. But then when the spring forward part came rolling around, man was I cranky!

  6. Your dogs remind my of my cats... As soon as there is the slightest twitch of conscious movement, they are walking all over me licking/meowing/purring/pouncing (whichever mood they happen to be in) in order to get breakfast. Jerks...

    I hate changing the clocks back... Totally sucks. All the good work hours of daylight are spent inside the office or wherever. Makes no sense at all...