Monday, October 3, 2011

Kohls Cash

I don't shop at Kohls Department Store very often.  Mostly for clothes.  When I went shopping a few weeks ago for new fall and winter clothes, they gave me a voucher for "Kohls Cash".  You can use the voucher just like cash on anything in the store.  Sale prices still apply.  The only catch is that you need to use it during a specific time period.  Smart business approach.

Saturday, SM and I were heading out and I noticed that the voucher was going to expire the next day.  "Yikes!  We need to swing by Kohls!"

"I don't want to mess around with that today." SM protests.

"Hey...It's $30 bucks worth of something, ANYTHING.  I've already got my clothes.  Why don't you look for some sweat pants or jeans?"  

"Sure go on.  We're are driving right by it anyway."  SM, less than enthused.

"You can sit in the car if you want." I offered.

Turns out that SM wandered in too.  He poked around the men's clothing area but, as he said, he just wasn't in the mood.  So I headed over to the kitchen area thinking there's got to be something I could use for $30.

SM found their Dutch Ovens on sale for $99.  (He paid $40 at Sams Club.  SM  is the kind of guy that shops even after he's purchased.  Do you have a guy like that?  No matter what he buys, he's always shopping for it after the fact.  He did this on the minivan too.  Online, pointing out to me the great deal he got.  A phone call from a dealer who wants to see if he's interested in a van they have.  He had a 5 minute conversation with the kid and reports back to me how he got the better deal.  Must be a guy thing.)

So I'm poking around and decided I could really use another nonstick insulated cookie sheet to replace the one I'd ruined last year.  (I sprayed it with cooking spray when I stuck some fries in the oven.  Turns out that you shouldn't do that.  My new pan says so.)  So I got that, a slotted spoon and a ladle for soups.  My out of pocket cost? $6.24  Woo Hoo!

So now I can use my big ass cookie sheet to bake me some big ass cookies for my big ass.  Well, not MY big ass.  Since I've gone gluten free and I don't eat bread, pasta, cakes and cookies anymore, you'd think my ass would be tiny and trim.  HA!  I make up for all that by eating my way through a wheel of cheese and gallons of ice cream.  Not to mention the taco chips and wine.  

My fat cells will not be denied!


  1. Great "free" score! My Mom & I went up to Kohls this weekend and got some Kohls cash also, but now we've got to drive BACK there (almost 2 hours one way) to use it because it didn't start until a few days AFTER we got it. Alas, the delema....spend twenty bucks in gas to get twenty bucks in Kohls cash stuff??? I wonder if they let you use those online?

  2. We only shop there when we have a coupon. Their prices are crazy high otherwise. And they don't have much in the way of American-made.
    Glad you scored some stuff you needed!