Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Potted Roast

I woke up this morning, took my walk and worn jeans for the first time since April!  It was freakin COLD!  42 degrees and a wind chill!

I'm a WIMP, I tell ya.  To go from 80 degrees to 42 in a matter of days is a wake up call for sure!  It's windy too, so I'm leaning towards indoor pursuits rather than the outside weeding, yanking (and cursing).  Or at least that's what I tell myself since I'm totally not motivated to anything.

The Dutch Oven was still sitting on my counter top untouched.  I just knew that today was the day. 

So with the sun barely above the horizon line, I hopped into the car and ran to the closest market (ie: $expensive$) and bought a chuck roast.  

Carrots, onions, potatoes and beef seared in butter one by one.  A bit of red wine splashed to de-glaze the pot and stuff it all back in with some beef broth.  Spin your oven dial to 300 and go find other things to do for 4 hours.

"Gosh, that smells great!"  SM says hovering.  "Is it done yet?" 

"Sure.  Why don't you pull it out for me since its so heavy."

We let it sit for about a 1/2 hour with the lid on, then loaded up a plate.  

Even the pups want in on the action.  "Hey...get your nose outta there!"

"I'm so stuffed".  SM says picking at the pot for one more bite.

Too bad being fat is bad for you.  It's a skill that I could learn to master.


  1. I love it. Today was the day for us as well, not for a roast, but for chicken and dumplins... Yum! I love a good one pot wonder that is awesome in the cold. MMMMMMMMMM

  2. Watch is quite addictive to make these one pot meals...similar to the crock pot addiction I currently have a bad case of.

  3. Great choice on a first meal from the new pot! It looks delicious. And I'm sitting in a hotel room in the wee hours of the morning STARVING to death (well, not really...I have enough "reserves" to prevent THAT for a few months-LOL!)

  4. Love the updates I see on your blog.
    Yeah, that first burst of fall is somethin', huh? Glad you are enjoying your new toy.