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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Idiocy

Over the past few weeks I've discovered the most annoying human being on the planet.

The Target Christmas Lady.  I can't explain it.  These ads annoy the crap outta me.  What's the message here?  We know that you stupid, deranged people want to shop our store so lets give you a mascot?  Somebody to look up too?

One more good reason to turn the TV off.

This morning, SM got a chuckle out of this article about Black Friday -Pepper Spray.  He wasn't laughing about the fact that people got hurt but that "the store remained open and those not affected by the pepper spray continued shopping." 

Idiots. (The shoppers and the stores who encourage this bad behavior...)


  1. Year after year after year I watch the news on Black Friday thinking surely this is as stupid and low as people can go. But nope---it gets worse every year.
    And all for a bunch of plastic crap. God help us...........

  2. Tami - We don't have anything like Black Friday's here. But general sales - I once went to one many years ago, and, after witnessing the behaviour of so-called civilized people, decided that the sales could continue without me.

    I wonder how many people are purchasing stuff in your Black Friday sales that they really can't afford...?

  3. I'm with you! I won't even shop at Target because of that lady! I'm not a big shopper anyway, but Target was my *go to* place for stocking stuffers. So now I think I may just have to do gift cards. Whew! That was easy! Thanks!

  4. How sad, that someone would go to such lengths to purchase something!! Shame shame shame