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Monday, November 28, 2011

I (Heart) Amy

If there are any of you on the planet who have NOT seen The Big Bang Theory (TV) then stop what you are doing and check out these links. 

I have grown to enjoy this show more and more every day.  Maybe it comforts my inner nerd.  Maybe it takes me back to those awkward geeky years of trying to figure out the opposite sex.  And while I was never into online gaming I am a BIG TIME sci-fi fan, so I can totally relate to these men (boys) who are trying to navigate the waters of adult life and male/female relationships.  And while Sheldon is the star...

...he is quickly being upstaged by his girlfriend Amy.

That's right!  Amy Farrah Fowler rocks!  Neurobiologist extraordinaire this girl epitomizes the awkward geeky teen years we all experienced while embracing her new found discovery that a guy is actually "into" her.

Check out these scene's that just crack me up.  I mean, laugh out loud funny.

First, Amy sings Everybody Hurts that leads to Amy and Sheldon cuddling. followed by the "get your women in line." from a pissed off Sheldon. 

And Amy helping Sheldon with his neck pain.  Don't forget Amy and Sheldon dancing

And lastly...the classic... You're screwed

I laugh every time this couple hits the TV screen.  Good job CBS!

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  1. Oh I just love this show to death, too. I've been a SF fan, IT pro, and all around techno-nerd all my life. And now that Warner Cable is running 3 hours of reruns on TBS 3 days a week, I'm in geek heaven. Hi5! (P.S. love your blog. :-D)