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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting News Links

I came across a few interesting articles hitting the news wires yesterday.  Perhaps you've seen them?  Perhaps not.

Reuters had an article on how US small farmer's are selling and that investors are seeing farmland as the hot new commodity .  Sad that young people who WANT to get into farming are being pushed out simply due to costs.  I suppose this is why small scale homesteads are the only way to go. 

There was also an article on The Atlantic about baby boomers retiring to the commune .  I'm always interested in alternative lifestyles.  I've often teased SM's extended family that we have enough people in the family to open our own commune.  I try not to think about who's going to take care of us when we're so old we can't do it ourselves.  Creeps me out to think about being in a "home".

And for your entertainment (also from The Atlantic) an article on why people hate Twilight .  I read the books and never really got Bella at all.  (She seemed like such a "drip" to me.)  The last book was pretty good though.  I've only seen the first Twilight movie.  That was so bad I didn't want to waste my money on the others.


  1. I find it sad that Ellingson's kids / grandkids didn't want to continue the farm. Understandable, but sad :(

    But, what I fear most from this type of situation, is the agrarian knowledge which is being lost / forgotten because it's not being handed down from generation to generation.

    And for the new purchasers of the land - they are not "escaping" the rat race to fulfill their lives. From the gist of the article they seem to be purchasing the land to make another buck...?!

  2. Once again, those with more money already than they know what to do with are making it harder and harder for the rest of us to start a life. Between investors and developers, young people don't stand a chance anymore. I'd hate to be young now............