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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Local Food Pantry

We got a flyer last week that said that since school was out today (voting) that the High School Student Council was having a canned food drive for our local food pantry.  They asked us to place canned goods into sacks and leave it by your driveway.  The kids plan on driving through the local neighborhoods and pick up donations later this afternoon.

I think I'm like most people.  I go to church and toss some money in the collection plate.  I see a blood drive and try to donate (usually my irons too low..drat!)  I try and go through my clothes once a year and drop them off at good will.  But I forget that there is a constant need for food at the pantry so I really appreciate the reminder from our local kids.

From my pantry to yours...Thanks Kids!


  1. Glad you answered their call. :) Good for them for using their time for something so worthwhile.

  2. That is a woderful idea! Have you even wondered what else can I do?

    Good answer

  3. I don't think we give young people enoough credit nowadays. Good for them-organizing this. And good for you!

  4. Thank you for including your donation experience in your blog. Local food pantries are feeling the weight of many additional clients this year and need all the help they can get to meet demand. Hopefully your blog and others like it will spread the word and drum up enthusiasm for donating and volunteering with local pantries and banks.