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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My First Seed Save

I went out last night and picked some salad lettuce and pulled a handful of carrots for our dinner.  

I'm so pleased with the size of these carrots.  Finally I figured it out.  Yeah Me!

Technically, this is my 3rd attempt.  I tried last fall, this spring and then this summer.  A friend once told me that in gardening, she'll make the effort 3 times.  If it fails after 3 different attempts, then she moves on.  Makes sense to me.

I also pulled some of the seed pods off of the marigolds that are beside the salad bed.  I got these as a freebie from Baker Creek.  I planted a few in a pot...they did poorly, too hot.  But the marigolds I put in the raised beds did beautifully.

I've never saved seeds before but it's something I'm interested in doing when I find a winner.  Flowers are easy enough, I think.  You either like them or you don't.  

Veggies?  Well, that's a bit tougher.  There's a whole world of different varieties to try out there.  I feel this compulsion to try new things whenever I see those glossy seed catalogs.  Kinda like a kid in a candy store...."Oooo lookie!  I need to try that too!"  I expect at some point I'll start to save some of the vegetable winners in my garden but I'm afraid that might be a year or two away.  

But lets start with the marigolds.  Any tips for the new kid?  Some of the pods are VERY dry.  Most of them are still dampish though.  Should I leave them on the plant to dry?  Or pick them and let them dry inside?

Today is supposed to be sunny and in the 60's.  SM and I are hoping to get out and dedicate some time to cleaning the garden up and putting it to bed for the Winter.  It's so wonderful that SM is invested in the garden now too.  It's turning into a big part of our home life.  Really just too much for just one person when there's so much labor involved.

I'll probably post some before and after pics tomorrow.  It's looking pretty nappy out there. 


  1. Congrats on your wonderful carrots and lettuce! You're having more luck than me this year!

    I usually leave them on the plant to dry and then they are so easy to pick.
    If you want to do them all at once, you can deadhead them and then lay them on paper towels in a dry room. They'll dry within a few days.

    You can check my blog for posts on seed saving, if you like.


  2. Not wanting to contradict Daisy (Hi Daisy!), but I bring mine in the house to finish drying off--because rains or humidity don't do them any good. And fall is when I get my rains.......might be different where you are.
    Good luck--it's so fun to see stuff grow from seed that you saved yourself. I have no idea WHY that is more satisfying,....but it is!

  3. Your carrots look perfect! Isn't it great when it all comes together? I let my marigolds self-seed and then transplant them...I'm lazy! But, I also wait and let them dry on the plant, cut the flower heads off and give them to friends.

  4. I have carrot envy! And I've never saved seeds, I'm learning from you.

  5. Your carrots and lettuce look fabulous!

    Congrats on your first seed save!

  6. Seed saving is quite an adventure. Always something new to learn, a new seed to save. I pick marigold seeds whenever I happen to find them. They end up on a tray or baking sheet until I finally getting around to putting them away. It's not that I'm technically drying them for any length of time, it's just when I get around to it. I have had seeds mold in too tightly closed glass containers. Now I use envelopes or plastic jars with not so tight fitting lids.

    I planted my fall carrots from seed saved earlier this year! That's my first for saving carrot seeds. I just hope they didn't cross pollinate with the Queen Anne's lace. :o