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Friday, November 11, 2011

Scooter-Boo and "The Stinky"

Do you have a sock hound in your house? 

Scooter is our resident sock hound.  Nothing he loves better than his "stinkies".

Why do we call them "stinkies"?  Because as a connoisseur of fine socks, only your true purebred sock hound can ferret out the "stinkies" from the Downey fresh.

Like a truffle pig on the hunt, Scooter will greet SM as he walks in the door from a hard days works.  Tail wagging, whining, jumping up on his back legs...it's easy to mistake this affectionate greeting as acknowledgement that "The Master of the House" has returned and all is right with the world once again.

Unfortunately, time has proven that Scooter is less interested in the Alpha Male of the house and more interested in what "Big Daddy's" feet have been up too during the day.  Specifically the aroma that emanates from them.  The nastier the better.

Once the shoes come off, SM and Scooter-Boo engage in a friendly tug of war with the victor trotting off with his prize, tail wagging victoriously.  The only problem with this love affair is the scattering of socks throughout the house.  Woe to the human (or animal) that comes within 6 feet of the "stinky" either affectionately occupied or carelessly discarded.  Scooter turns into the Tasmanian Devil, growling threats to the unsuspecting.

Ginny on the other hand is too much of a "Princess" to lower herself to "sock hound-dom". 

Casey,  being the pup (and Piglet) in the family, mimics Scooters behavior from time to time but lacks the intensity that Scooter displays.  To her it's just a game.  To Scooter, it's a religion.

To make up for it, I bought a little "piglet toy" today for Casey's enjoyment.

"Princess" might have a thing or two to say about it though...

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  1. LOL - guess stinkies are better (and cheaper to replace) than shoes!

    Have you tried putting a sock filled with bicarbonate of soda in SM shoes overnight? It removes the days odour and leaves them fresh for the coming day :)