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Friday, November 25, 2011

Your Shopping Cart Is Full

Throwback at Trapper Creek has a post about how today should be considered "Green Friday instead of Black Friday".  She asks that all us gardeners start thinking about our 2012 gardens.  Already!

Hey, on second thought, that's a great idea! 

Last year was my "second" year gardening.  I ordered some of my seeds last January from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and some from Baker Creek.  SESE's production was pretty good but everything BC offered was a hit...well...would have been a hit if the (bastard) SVB's hadn't come knocking on my door.  And that certainly wasn't BC's fault at all

So that's what I've been doing this morning.


Going through what I've got, researching what I wanted to grow and "Yes, Ma'am!"  I hit that little purchase button.  (Hey, shopping IS fun.) 

"Oh!  It was almost too easy!"  (And I didn't have to beat my way through the "idiot horde".) 

Thanks Matron!  I'm SO glad I got that out of the way and I got everything I wanted too.  Last year there were some items that were already sold out even in January.  I'll post about my "goodies" when they come in.  I'm SO excited!!!

Whoo Hoo!  Spring is almost here @;)


  1. Too bad you're not here in CA...the girlfriends and I are heading for a weekend in Petaluma next week and will be getting our BC seeds at that time. Whooo! Hooo!
    Also going to do a bit of cheese tasting and then to Cottage Gardens (awesome nursery). I will be purchasing Christmas presents for myself!

  2. That's how I did ALL my Christmas shoping last year. Sat home in comfort and clicked away, then waited for it all to come. Perfect! No crowds, no gas used, no meals out, no sitters needed. Easy as pie! :)

  3. Glad to see someone else orders their seeds early. I'm usually done by mid-December--I don't wait anymore because sometimes the "goodies" sell out fast.
    I do love shopping from home!! Seeds and books. Yes!