Saturday, December 17, 2011

Antisocial Me

There was an article the other day about Facebook Resisters.  Yep that's me!  My Mom has an account and we actually had a discussion about it a few weeks ago.

Now I put alot of stuff about my life here in the blog.  SM thinks I put TOO much out there.  I've actually deleted one post after SM got upset about me telling it "to the world".  It's a fine line.  But the way I look at it, Facebook is WAY more personal.  It wouldn't be hard to find out everything and anything about me and there are just some things that I like to keep private.

I did have to laugh when I read the article.  It cites that 16% of the population doesn't have cellphones either.

I just love being the rebel.


  1. At the risk of sounding "paranoid", I've avoided Facebook because of the info that is being collected there. I really don't "get" what the big attraction is to it....but then again, I don't do cell phones either. Oddly enough, though I'm teased endlessly about this, I'm the ONLY one that's downright happy and content that I know. A coincidence?

  2. Although we do have a FB account, I rarely go on there. Most of what is posted is just crap & BS. I had originally signed up years ago to stay in contact with my late daughter's friends abroad. But, I have to say the whole thing is really out of control! Why are all these businesses and even hospitals on there? I just don't get it! Do you believe that yesterday I tried to print out a coupon for the store but couldn't do it unless I liked them on FB?? No way was I doing that!

  3. Haha... I had a thought when I read this... If this were a facebook post, I would "like" it!

    I am on facebook, and getting just plain sick of it. The only reason I am keeping it around is to connect with family members that live far away, and to trade days off with people at work (the later are mostly being deleted when I quit) but truly, I don't even like facebook all that much...

    Go on with your bad self!!!!

  4. Tami - RMan also says I expose too much personal stuff...

    And I, too, am a rebel :) A blog is enough for me - why expose anything else on FB. I keep getting family requests to join - nada - not interested.

    If they (my brothers and sister etc.) don't want to read my blog, and don't want to read my e-mails - well - tough - that's their choice ;)

  5. Tami, we all know that your real name isn't Tami, that you're actually an employee for Monsanto and that this blog is all a cover anyhow.

    I admit to being on Facebook, but keep my friend list pretty small, mostly family. My sister lives out of state & it's the best way to keep in touch for us. I figure as long as there isn't too much personal information (or mis-information....hehe) then it's no worse than cell phones or blogging. But to each his/her own...keep it up you Reble!

  6. The thing I don't like about FB is that they keep track of you even after you log out. It annoys the sugar out of me that when I visit some unrelated website, they have me all signed in to FB so I can like, or tell what I'm thinking. I don't actually post anything on Facebook mind you, I just go there to get piccies of my grandbaby.

  7. I don't facebook, tweet or participate in any other social network. My blog is about as personal as I choose to get. We rebels gotta stick together!

  8. No facebook, no twitter, no cell phone here, either. I'm surprised I actually have cable TV!. Like you, I'll blog what I want to share and the rest is private. I don't 'get' the 'social network'. Seems like a waste of bandwidth to me. Yeeha! (Rebel yell)