"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Antisocial Me

There was an article the other day about Facebook Resisters.  Yep that's me!  My Mom has an account and we actually had a discussion about it a few weeks ago.

Now I put alot of stuff about my life here in the blog.  SM thinks I put TOO much out there.  I've actually deleted one post after SM got upset about me telling it "to the world".  It's a fine line.  But the way I look at it, Facebook is WAY more personal.  It wouldn't be hard to find out everything and anything about me and there are just some things that I like to keep private.

I did have to laugh when I read the article.  It cites that 16% of the population doesn't have cellphones either.

I just love being the rebel.


  1. At the risk of sounding "paranoid", I've avoided Facebook because of the info that is being collected there. I really don't "get" what the big attraction is to it....but then again, I don't do cell phones either. Oddly enough, though I'm teased endlessly about this, I'm the ONLY one that's downright happy and content that I know. A coincidence?

  2. Although we do have a FB account, I rarely go on there. Most of what is posted is just crap & BS. I had originally signed up years ago to stay in contact with my late daughter's friends abroad. But, I have to say the whole thing is really out of control! Why are all these businesses and even hospitals on there? I just don't get it! Do you believe that yesterday I tried to print out a coupon for the store but couldn't do it unless I liked them on FB?? No way was I doing that!

  3. Haha... I had a thought when I read this... If this were a facebook post, I would "like" it!

    I am on facebook, and getting just plain sick of it. The only reason I am keeping it around is to connect with family members that live far away, and to trade days off with people at work (the later are mostly being deleted when I quit) but truly, I don't even like facebook all that much...

    Go on with your bad self!!!!

  4. Tami - RMan also says I expose too much personal stuff...

    And I, too, am a rebel :) A blog is enough for me - why expose anything else on FB. I keep getting family requests to join - nada - not interested.

    If they (my brothers and sister etc.) don't want to read my blog, and don't want to read my e-mails - well - tough - that's their choice ;)

  5. Tami, we all know that your real name isn't Tami, that you're actually an employee for Monsanto and that this blog is all a cover anyhow.

    I admit to being on Facebook, but keep my friend list pretty small, mostly family. My sister lives out of state & it's the best way to keep in touch for us. I figure as long as there isn't too much personal information (or mis-information....hehe) then it's no worse than cell phones or blogging. But to each his/her own...keep it up you Reble!

  6. The thing I don't like about FB is that they keep track of you even after you log out. It annoys the sugar out of me that when I visit some unrelated website, they have me all signed in to FB so I can like, or tell what I'm thinking. I don't actually post anything on Facebook mind you, I just go there to get piccies of my grandbaby.

  7. I don't facebook, tweet or participate in any other social network. My blog is about as personal as I choose to get. We rebels gotta stick together!

  8. No facebook, no twitter, no cell phone here, either. I'm surprised I actually have cable TV!. Like you, I'll blog what I want to share and the rest is private. I don't 'get' the 'social network'. Seems like a waste of bandwidth to me. Yeeha! (Rebel yell)