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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dinner Party

Deb, our friend across the street, invited SM and I and Don and Jean (our other neighbors) over last night for a dinner party with her husband James.


Deb is the glue that holds our little part of the world together.  She knows everyone.  Seriously.  Don was telling us that he had a handyman over at his house and when Deb stopped by, she knew the guy.  We also call her the "oracle".  If something is going on in the hood that we don't know about, we call Debbie.  And Debbie's go-to housewife is Don.  We tease them all the time that they're a couple of hens clucking...always gossiping.

SM and I headed over at 6:30 with a couple of bottles of Two Buck Chuck in hand.  Deb's got a ham on the table that she got on sale.  Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and lots of laughs.  A homemade pineapple upside down cake.  With the little cherry in the middle of the pineapple.  Aw.

We talked about wine, water softeners, neighbors that we "think" are still alive that we never see.  Everyone wanted to know about the "kidney stone incident".  We talked about home improvement, a yoga class that Jean wants us to sign up for, the tree disease that's taking out the birch trees in our area.  Don shared stories of his "stoner" days and he and SM did a really good rendition of Cheech and Chong's Christmas Story.  

We talked about everything and nothing at all.  And had a really great time.

A sit down dinner is something that we just don't do anymore.  I turned our formal dining room into my TV / dog / reading room.  We usually eat at the coffee table in front of the TV.  We sometimes use the small dinette in the kitchen for breakfast.  Alot of the time it's just a plate or bowl in my lap or in my hand as I walk around.

I wonder what happened to the sit down dinner?  Last night we sat at the table for 2 hours talking.  Face to face.  Not texting, not using our cellphone.  An honest to goodness personal interaction.

We need to do this more often.

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  1. Sounds like a really nice time.
    I know around here-it's hard to get together with the neighbors--summers are so busy outside, and winters they all take off for sunny Florida. Don and I do eat at the table together for all meals, but that's probably because that's our "Everything" room and we're always in there anyways. I've quit making supper--we scrounge, but lunches and breakfasts are still "meals".
    End of novel. Sorry. I do that a LOT , don't I????