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Friday, December 2, 2011

Everybodys Working For The Weekend

Things get intense and super busy for me at work from now through March.

That's our "busy" season for some reason.  It's amazing that your body gets used to a certain pattern and once you start to deviate from it...Whooo Boy...the "dogs" start barking, the back starts twitching, I'm sacked out in the lazy-boy snoozing by 8.  I've had some days when my body starts "screaming" and the only relief is a hot shower and a couple of glasses of wine.  I suppose that's why I'm asleep by 8.  Can't be because I'm getting older, can it?

SM stuck his bottom lip out a few days ago hoping I'd make some cookies. 

Ha!  "Wait till the weekend baby!"  There's no way cooking or cleaning is happening around here till Saturday hits.  Soup is a BIG meal right now and it's  "Make your own sandwich!" time here at the house.  Mama is on strike!

For some reason my drive-time home has become longer this week.  It's taking me an hour to get home!  Funny how an extra 15 minutes to your drive makes you cranky.  Where are all these durned cars coming from anyway?  And it's PITCH BLACK out there!  When did this happen? 

I mentioned to SM that I haven't seen much in the way of X-mas lights on the drive home.  Even in our neighborhood there's only one house lit up.  SM says "that's on our list for this weekend." 

What he means is that it's on MY list.  Along with baking cookies I suppose.

(Shrug)  That's OK.  It's Friday.  Thank God!


  1. No one up here does much in the way of decorations. It's a shame--they really add a lot to the season.
    My son in AZ sent me photos the other day--WOW--they really have some decked out homes. But, it just doesn't seem "Christmas-y" in the desert, ya know?

  2. tami - I have the same problem come 8.00p.m. Must be the wine :)

  3. Other than the crazy lady you hate on the commercials ;) haven't seen much here either. However...the 'decoration' on my front door has appeared a few times. HA! Surely yours too! The right way that is!

  4. Enjoy the darkness to add some snooze time...It's hibernation time, baby! Have a great weekend!