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Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Nights Dream

I woke up at 4 this morning and rolled over hoping for another hour of sleep.  I went back down hard.

And I dreamed.

I dreamed I had a black and white pygmy goat in a pen on the side of the house.  The Vet had stopped by..(It is a dream)...to give her the once over.  He said "She looks good but you know you can't keep this goat here.  She needs more room."  I waved at the back shed and said "That's were she's heading but I need to fence it all off.  We have dogs."

The Vet left but I got to thinking I'd let the goat loose in the back yard since the dogs were in the house.  So lead her over and watched her run into the back yard and closed the gate.  I turned and headed to the front of the house as SM walked around the corner.

"Don't let the dogs out.  I just got a goat and she's in the back yard."  I told him. 

SM said.  "I just put the dogs out..."  We turned and hustled over to the backyard fence to find the dogs and the goat getting along just fine.  Sniffing and running and playing.  Awww...

I turned to SM and said "I wonder if you can house train a goat."  SM's expression was horrified.

And I woke up.

(*I've been hanging out with you guys entirely too much.)

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