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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I'm always surprised at how much the dogs follow me around when I'm home.  They're always underfoot.

"Do they do this to you?"  I ask SM as I stumble over another dog.  "They'll kill me...I swear.  I'll be dead from some freak head injury after tripping over one of you guys."  I say to the dogs as they look up at me, tails wagging with love and devotion.

"No.  They sleep all day."  SM informs me.

"Yeah but...Don't they hang around outside if you're home working?"  I ask.

That's what they do with me.  If I'm busy working and it's nice enough weather, I just leave the back door open so they can come and go.  But if I so much as "twitch"...There they are.  Watching me.  All day.  Everyday.

"Nope.  Sofa.  All day.  Sleeping."  SM replies. 

"I don't believe you.  They're always barking at something when I'm home here all day."  I inform him.

"That's cause YOU need protecting.  I'm telling you they just lay around here all day long.  Not a peep out of them."  SM says.

I still don't believe him.

When I came home yesterday SM says "I have something to show you."  He holds out the camera.

Proof.  As if I need my nose rubbed in it. 



  1. Tami - stop this now! Our lives are soooo similar LOL

    Trust Sm to grab the camera to prove his point LOL

  2. Our dogs are mostly outdoors, but the cats....now that's another story! Always underfoot & snaking around your ankles especially when you've got your hands full of, say, a piping hot casserole or fine china.

  3. Yes but where is the third? Probably hanging from the rafters with the bum leg and all. I guess he left that part out ;)

  4. Oh no, wait. That is the one with the booboo on the couch. Where is Scooter?

  5. I have one that won't let me out of her sight. That's fun when I need to pee LOL! Yours are cute!