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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stoplight Doodle

When I jumped in the Jeep yesterday morning to head into work I looked down at the "catch-all" area that all vehicles have and spotted this.

I had to laugh. 

The day before I'd been given this big bulky pen from a pharmaceutical rep.  It was in my scrub pocket when I'd left work and I'd tossed it in the "catch all".  I remember sitting at a long stoplight, bored as usual listening to talk radio.   You know, politics, local issues...crap like that.  I'd wondered what color the pen ink was and must've scribbled this doodle and didn't think anything more about it.

Now...Is this a self portrait?  Sure looks like one to me. 

But I never wear skirts so I don't know what's up with that.  And I don't think I'm bow legged, last time I looked anyway.

She looks like she's got a decent "rack" on her and while I used to be stick straight when I was younger, I must admit the extra 20lbs looks pretty good on the hips.

Wimpy arms (check) and the fuzzy hair (check, check).  Not much of an expression on her face though.  Tough day at work?  Frustrated by the politics of the day?

So if I had to apply a caption "bubble" over this girl's head, what would it say?


  1. Love the doodle. To me, it says-Too much to do!!

    And mine would be much more rounded in the middle. It's a "cookie" thing.......

  2. Hilarious! Looks like she's thinking "It's 5:00 somewhere!"

  3. Tami - All I can see is the big heart in the place where her chest should be :)

    I've given you an award!

    Thank you, for your generous sharing of your knowledge, your inspiration and your support! Dani :)