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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Cheeks

SM and I went and did the "mother-load" of shopping yesterday.  We went to Sams Club for our bulk purchases first and then went to Walmart for the smaller stuff. 

We were trolling around with the cart at Walmart, wandering up and down the crowded asiles.  Sometimes we would seperate to grab an item here and there.  I came back after grabbing some catfood and I noticed this in the top basket.

I didn't say anything. 

We went to check out and I started gabbing with the cashier about "life".  She's bagging our food items as she's scanning and SM is grabbing the bags and putting them back in the cart.  The last thing is the Honeybun and as she scans it, she stops gabbing for a minute and hands it directly to SM, looks him in the eye and says... "I know you'll want to eat this first thing."

I started laughing and even SM had to smile when I said "Funny, how she knew that belonged to you."

I turned to the cashier and added, "I almost asked you to ring that up seperately."  (grin)

BTW, SM said it was very good. 

Such a bad, bad boy.


  1. Men and their sweets---so funny.
    I have an elderly neighbor shows up on Saturdays because he KNOWS I bake that day........

  2. I guess he deserved a treat for doing all that shopping!

  3. It would have been a little different if that were DH & I. If that cashier gave the bun to DH, I'd a tackled him to the ground to get it, screaming, "That's MY Honey Bun!"

    Carolyn Renee, severe sweet tooth

  4. Ditto what CR says. LOL I was just going to say that it would have been exactly the opposite story if it had been my hubby and I. He'd have faised an eyebrow at me, and I'd have ignored it. When ya gotta have somethin' BAD, ya gotta have it. :)