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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Avoiding The Crapola In Life

Yesterday Sue commented:

 "PS--I DESPISE the new word verification--sometimes it takes several tries to get it entered right. Old people eyes.........."

I agree!  So I'll tempt fate just a little and disable my word verification and hope that I don't get "spammed" with a bunch of comment crapola.  (Not saying your comments are crap...;)

I think I was on one of your blogs the other day and it took me 3 tries to get it posted!  Who has that kind of time???

BTW...Scooter (aka Boo-Berry) is hanging in there.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND WISHES!

I've (unfortunately) researched this disease a bit more and know that this will likely kill him or suppress his immune system so that something else will.  We just don't know if it will be sooner rather than later.  I don't say this to be mean, only to be realistic.  He's weak, but he's eating and drinking.  So enough about that for now.

We just might have a bit of sunshine today before more rain pulls in tomorrow.  I'll be heading out to work for bit this morning but hope to spend the afternoon out in the yard searching for a good topic to post about tomorrow.

Lets just hope it's not a post on cleaning up dog "bombs".  There's a weeks worth of another kind of crapola in my back yard.  I know it's February and a slow news day but I hope I haven't sunk to a new low posting about THAT.

(Oh wait....I guess I just did!)


  1. Tami - I have it enabled, but this morning I got 61 spam comments to 61 different blog postings from someone in Korea - punting their US football jersey maufacturing business - 61!

    Naturally, all got relegated to spam and promptly deleted.

    But, I too hate this ruddy double word, impossibly (even with my glass) indecipherable and, in view of the above, complete waste of time. So, in for a penny... I, too, am going to disable my word verification...

  2. Hmmm - so how did you do it? I have comment moderation already ticked as "never"? Am I missing something?

  3. Spam crapola? And Yard Crapola? LOL! It MUST be February--a month with CRAPOLA weather!! Hahahah!

  4. So very sorry for Scooter :( I am sending my best wishes. And I too have been getting hit hard with spam WITH the word verification. I am curious what it would be like without.

  5. Go to your dashboard / go to settings / click on comments / scroll down to comment moderation (mine is set to "never" and UNDERNEATH that section it says "show word verification for Comments?" Click no and than save all.

  6. Tami - Thanks. But I'm using the new GUI and there is no word verification bit below my "Never". Thanks though :)

  7. Once I returned to the old Blogger, and disabled WV, Crappola on my blog is a thing of the past LOL. Thanks :)

  8. LOL! You really make me smile! Thanks! :)

  9. I got rid of mine yesterday! But a lot of Blogs still have it and I spend as much time trying to get the letters right as I do on the comments!
    Old eyes and the glasses do not help!