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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Try Not To Laugh

It's a slow news day around here, what can I say. 

I was hoping to get out and start trimming the rosebushes and doing general clean-up yard work but it appears that, while the temperatures are mild, it's going to be wet this weekend.  (sigh)

And while I could talk about all the housework and laundry and dusting and scrubbing bathrooms and cooking and everything else I'm going to do today, it just seems boring to do so. 

So as usual I rely on SM for our entertainment around here. 

He found this video trolling around the Internet this morning.

Watch this and try not to laugh.


  1. oh boy, that's our great educational system in this country!

  2. I tried not to CRY...the dumbing down of America...too sad.