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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Life On A Plate...I Wish!

I was making a seed mat last week using glue, paper towels and carrot seeds.  I would dab the glue onto strategic spots on the paper towel and with a bit of glue on the end of a pair of tweezers, pick up the seed and place it into it's proper spot.

This worked really well for me last year.  Saves me from being bent over thinning carrots.  Saves on seeds too.

Anyhoo, I finished things up and went to clean up when I noticed the plate that I had put the seeds on.

SM and I got these plates at our bridal shower 26 years ago.  I'm sure I admired them at the time.  And I've used these plates every day since so you'd THINK I would know what was on them. 

But ya know, there's looking and then there's looking.  I had to laugh...

Seriously...a farmer cultivating a garden with a cow looking on?  I pulled down one of the dinner plates.

Is this the universe speaking to me or what?


  1. LOL - all will be revealed when you are good and ready obviously :)

    A beautiful dinner set, to be sure.

  2. Isnt that funny how you dont see things until you really look and then have that ah ha moment!

  3. How amazing that we surround ourselves sometimes with those things that represent our deepest interest. Very pretty design btw.

  4. Love you dinner plate design and find it very apropriate for your current hobby :)

    though I never heard of gluing carrot seeds to a papertowl. do they grow that way better? doesn't the glue get in a way and prevents them from sprouting?

  5. Hey Jenny...No the glue doesn't effect the seed at all and the paper towel decomposes. It works SO well! Much better than being bent over for hours thinning carrots.

  6. Very funny!! It's amazing how much we don't actually see during the coarse of a day, isn't it?

  7. Were you looking for a "sign?" Methinks you've found it! (Delightful dish pattern.)