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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sorry Bob...

Not you Bob...

The other "Bob". 

Handyman Bob

Handyman Bob is my "go to guy" for idiot things that SM and I just can't figure out on our own.

You know..."Call the guy".  SM and I say this around here all the time.  Is it something we can tackle or should we just "call the guy". 

Knowing that "calling the guy" also means "paying the guy".

Anyhoo...We have a slight tendency to overload the washing machine and the agitator stopped...well...agitating this weekend. 

A quick Internet search and we found out that these little plastic "dogs" have a tendency to get stripped. 

So SM found a place that had them in town. 

$4.20, one YouTube video and ten minutes later, TaDa!  Back in business.  Isn't the Internet wonderful

*SM wants everyone to know that he would have finished in 5 minutes except for the fact that his silly wife wanted to document the process with pictures.  He wanted to strangle me for slowing the process down.  "It's for the Blog, Honey!"

I also did my part this weekend.  Every year I usually get our AC unit serviced in the Spring.  I got into the pattern of routine maintenance on this unit when we bought it 8 years ago.  Brand new and it wouldn't hold it's freon.  Every year they would come out and "repair" it under warranty.  We asked them to replace it.  "Oh No...It's fixed now."  

The following year it would show a loss of freon.  I don't think I ever paid for a "service call" for them because of the warranty.  But I did have to pay for the freon.  Anyway, two years ago they got a fellow out here who actually DID fix it.  I watched how he cleaned the unit.  No big deal really.

So this year I decided not to "call the guy".  When I turned the AC unit on the air was very cold.  Good sign.  But we did have the usual "I haven't been used in 6 months "stinkies".  You know, that sour musty smell.  I went out and dismantled the AC unit, sprayed it down with vinegar and water to help eliminate "the stinkies" and put it back together all by myself.  Ha.  

"Sorry Bob!"

It's a good thing I got that squared away.  You would not believe how insane the pollen is right now.  Last night I finally decided to turn the AC on just so I could get a good nights rest without the congestion, sneezing and eye rubbing that I've been doing lately. 

National Allergy Forecast Map

I found this nice link to Pollen.Com that allows you to see what your area pollen forecast is for the next few days.  Just click on your state and enter your zip code for details. 

Around here we're at a 10 for the next 2 day with an 11.6 on Friday.  That's about as miserable as you can get.

It seems unreal to me that I'm running the AC in March.  But what can you do?


  1. 10s for all the projected days. But my nose and eyes knew that already. Ugh.

  2. Doesn't it just give you the greatest feeling when you manage to do a "repair" job yourself rather than paying an exorbinant price for repair parts and service calls? Yeah, I know those people have to earn a living, too, but I think losing our ability to do minor repairs/cleaning on our own is a sad thing.

    I know just what you mean about asking hubby to pose for pictures for the blog. Sometimes I have to take the same shot two or three times before I'm satisfied. That does not go over very well. :o]

  3. Very very funny and so totally sounds like my home. With my husband it's food. "When can I eat?" He'll ask me as I whisk his plate away to photograph it. "It's for the blog" I tell him and he rolls his eyes. I hear you on the pollen count.....my allergies have been killing me! We've had 80 degree weather which will drop to 70 and then the upper 50's after Friday. So weird. The chickens, dogs and cats are lovin it!

  4. Our air conditioner has been on for the past week. And my white truck is green everyday. Claritin.