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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Venus Fly Trap

You know how they say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus?   Well, this crafty Venus girl got what she wanted the other day.  And SM fell right into my trap.  Whaa ha ha....

Remember a few days ago when I posted about wanting some help with all the compost hauling?  I try to do most things without whining about it too much.  But when it comes to things that require a bit of muscle I'm not shy about admitting that my upper body strength sucks.  I'm a full fledged wimp.  I can get it done on my own but it takes me a L O N G time to do it.

Friday morning and SM is standing there with a cup of coffee at 7am.

"You're off today...what are you going to do?"  SM asks.

"What aren't I doing today?"  I sigh dramatically.  "Everything.  Look at this house, it's filthy and I've got so much work do outside."

"You going to weed and spread the mulch?"  SM asks.  (He's just full of questions isn't he?)

I sigh again..."I'm really torn.  I thought I'd have more time to get the garden going but look at this weather?  I really think I need to concentrate on hauling some compost today.  It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and you won't be here next week (Vegas)  And I've got strawberries shipping next week and no place to plant them..."  I fade off hoping I'll get a nibble.

Blink, Blink.  (*It also never hurts to flutter your lashes at your guy either, Girls.)

"Well, I'm free this morning.  Need some help?"  SNAP GOES THE FLY TRAP.

"Sure can!"  I say enthusiastically all the while thinking "Suck-er!  You belong to me now!"

"When do they open?"  SM inquires.

"7:30"  I say.

SM looks at the clock (7:18am)  "Well, you've got their hours memorized don't you?"

So off we go to get the bulk compost.  One yard for $26 and it's good stuff.

So that's how I got my man to help out with the compost hauling.  I guess the Ole Girl's still got it, huh?


  1. The eyelash flutter almost always does the trick. ;) Yup - you still got it!! :)

  2. Hmmm - methinks RMan and I have been married to long - he doesn't ask me what I'm going to do today. Guess you could say he's expert in the knowledge of what the answer could lead to LOL

    Lucky you... :)

  3. Be sure SM has our number we will be here in Vegas next week also and would love to see him. Maybe go out to eat or see Fremont St. Where is he staying? He could stay with us if it isn't a work related trip.

  4. Sometimes a girl's just gotta do what a girl's gotta do. *SNAP!* (Nice goin'.)

  5. "Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly. lol

  6. That poor, poor man! You got him at a very early hour and he was not fully awake yet! He hadn't even finished his coffee!
    *SNAP* indeed!