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Thursday, April 12, 2012

America Revealed

Did you watch this yet?  We did last night.

America Revealed by PBS offers up a commentry on the food industry in America.  Fascinating, disturbing...it's worth the 53 minutes of your time.

After you watch it, tell me that you don't feel differently about what you put in your mouth.


  1. Once again another example why I'm so crazy about having my own garden - safe and clean food supply!

  2. It's on my list to watch this week. I'm trying to work up the nerve!

  3. Our PBS never seems to show anything but pledging for money and a local guy cooking stuff from pretty much all processed food. Burns me up. I have not heard of this movie, but I dont know how many more of these I can watch before I am living in a cave. I am half way there now ;)

  4. Got it on the dvr. Let you know.

  5. Got to watch it--thanks for the info.


  6. wow thanks for posting this!!! we dont get much tv out here and only get pbs if its raining. i'm not even kidding.