Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Blues

You may be right.
I may be crazy.
But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for.
Turn out the light,
don't try to save me.
You may be wrong for all I know,
But you may be right.

Billy Joel

When a girl's gotta wear scrubs day in and day out, just where can she find a little bit of fun?  Show off her individuality?

Just glance down at her size 11's that's where.  You can tell a whole lot about a person from their shoes.

I've teased the girls at work that if the power goes off in the building my shoes will glow in the dark and I can lead everyone to safety @;>

At least they're slightly better than the orange and pick tennis shoes SM handed me the other day.  Those would've make me look like a duck.  A duck with very large feet.

What can I say...There's just not enough humor in the world today.  And if I can make a few people smile with my new "baby blues" then that's just fine by me.


  1. I love those! Super cute and fun!

  2. I love those! Super cute and fun!

  3. I think those are the purdiest blue shoes I have ever seen! (You and my daughter wear the same size shoe.) Are you tall? Or do you just have adequately large . . . um, ah, stabilizers?

  4. OMG! OMG! I'm love the new sneaks! I too wear an my youth it was an embarrassing 10. I always wore very subtle shoes in high school...I didn't want to draw attention to my feet! Any who my Junior year I bought a wonderful pair of RED leather strappy French-heels...they made me feel so perfect I've never looked back. I have PINK high-top converse, Tie Dyed high-top converse, several OUTRAGEOUS blinged out Drag Queen heels (that's where ya' go when you're a size 11 and wanna' knock em' dead)...there is no shoe I will not wear...some day I'll tell ya' about my boot collection! ;)