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Monday, April 30, 2012

House-Frau For A Week

I always take the last week of April or the first week of May off from work so I can get projects done around the house.

With the addition of the Springtime rush of garden tasks that needed doing, home cleaning and repairs and just every day cooking and cleaning, I find myself scratching my head wondering how the heck am I going to get all this done in a week. 

It's not the first time have I wished I was a fulltime housewife

Oh, I know that I am the wife of this house and this husband, but besides having a fulltime job, taking care of SM and assorted critters AND a garden, I often daydream of what my life would be like as a house-frau. 

As in 24-7 frau-ness

To be honest, I don't think I'd get near as much done having every day to myself to outfit the way I want, as opposed to "the hell for leather" push that I make myself go through this time every year.

I can get alot done in a week.  But I wouldn't be anywhere without my list.

I'm a list person.  Lists help keep me on track.  I evaluate each day's weather along with my energy level (which sad to say ebbs and flows with my freakin hormones) and decide how best to tackle the list.

Last Saturday morning I sat in the wee hours of the morning and compiled my list, and stuck it to the fridge. 

Garden Tasks-

Plant tomatoes/peppers and direct sow May plants.
Build cucumber/loofah trellises
Landscaping ties/edge fence line
Lay cardboard/mulch to suppress grass.  (There's a section that we didn't get to yet)

Yard Work-

Clean out shed
Lay fabric and mulch everywhere!
Bleach exterior house
Powerwash deck and stain


Replace blind (one of the string snapped so I have a miniblind all wonky)
Stain cabinets
Defrost freezer
Make strawberry jam

Laundry Room-

Clean out pantry
Paint cabinet


Clean out garage
Wash inside windows
Go look at granite/tile/fixtures for bathroom remodel.

I'm a morning person so I plan on outside work in the morning and inside during the heat of the day.  Quittin time is usually around 2-3 depending.

Wish me luck!


  1. You are going to get all that done in one week--you are my hero :)


  2. Yup, nuthin' like a whole week of rest and relaxation. ;o}

  3. My goodness. You have yourself quite a list there Frauline. One that if I were to be able to complete it in a week I'd be dead. Sheesh. I know things need to get done and you have a week but don't forget to enjoy a little rest every once in a while. Have a great week!!!

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. I'll betcha' get most of it done. When I was a stay-at-home wife/mother...I didn't get as much done in a month that I get done in a week, now that I work outside of the home...it's like I'm a crazy lady when I get a bit of time off. Do remember to take a bit of time to rest and relax, tho...please.

  5. I need lists too...I like how you organize the lists...I usually try to put days on it and then get rained out and have to relabel...