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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solo Yardwork

I spent Monday doing a bit more yard work. 

SM had a job to go to early so anything that would get done, would only get done if I did it.  So I pulled my motivation together and went dumpster diving for some more cardboard and got lucky and found a few.

I then went and picked up a load of compost.  My normal guy wasn't there to dump it in the pickup.  When I got home the "compost" smelled strongly of cedar cypress and manure.  Puzzled, I scooped some up and spread it.  It was definitely different stuff than what I'd been getting.  Finer and dryer.

It's full on busy season here for gardening and the guy in front of me was also getting compost.  Was it possible they were running out and "making" compost as they went  along?  Probably.  I went ahead and spread it around after laying newspaper to suppress the weeds and grass. 

I told SM later that that might be the last of the "good" compost.  We still need some more to amend the new double dig area.  SM is concerned about the acid it might add to the soil.  I shrugged.  Some organic material is better than no organic material. 

People use leaf mold, pine straw and pine mulch in their gardens all the time.  We'll see.  Fortunately it's just a thin layer on top.

One load was all I had in me.  I considered spreading some of the new cardboard around but I thought I might as well wait until SM and I could tackle repositioning the fence together.  Then I can lay the new cardboard down properly.  Instead, I hopped on the mover and mowed the grass. 

Boy, was I congested afterwards!  I'd even worn a mask!  I am SO over the allergy season.  I can't wait until it dies down and I can spray off the house and patio.  The Jeep needs a good bath inside and out too.  Waste of time to clean it up right now though.  It's covered with sticky granules of pollen.  Yuck!

Sigh...It's so beautiful outside but I can only take a few hours of it before I'm back in the house.  It's such a dud sleeping with the house closed up. 


  1. I know what you mean. I'm so bummed about having the A/C on now all day. I miss the "outdoors" feel with the windows open.
    You did a lot of work on your day off. It'll pay off though. Good on ya!

  2. I completely understand the allergies and the mowing. If I mow I have to shower right after or else I get watery eyes, sneeze non stop and my nose clogs up. I will be getting out in the garden soon too. I have berry vines that need to be strung and some wood that needs to be cleaned up in the garden.