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Sunday, April 15, 2012

She's A Little Runaway

Yesterday, noonish, I decided to clean the carpets.  SM is sitting out on the back porch still trying to wake up.  He's fuzzy today.  No matter, I've got stuff to do.  A girl with a mission. 

"Just come sit here with me for a little while."  He pats the seat on the swing.  It's a nice 70 degree blue sky day. 

I can see right through him though.  He's trying to suck me into a do nothing day.  Which means if I don't do anything, generally speaking he's off the hook too.  (Tami don't think so...)

"Tempting...but I've got lots of things I wanted to get done today.  Between the walk-a-thon and the grocery shopping, half the day is gone already!"  I say walking back through our open back door.  When the weather's nice it's just easier leaving it open so the beasties came come and go as they please. 

Back to the task at hand.  Carpet cleaning is best done monthly at the very least.  And if you've got critters you need your own carpet cleaner.  Unless you're on the unlimited plan with Stanley Steamer.  Which I am not. 

We bought our first Bissell carpet cleaner years ago with our first dog, Alex.  It lasted long enough to go into the appliance hall of fame and then died.  Nothing lasts forever but we were pleased enough with the product to fork over cash for it's replacement and bought another Bissell.

With beige colored carpeting throughout the house it gets dirty all on it's own.  Toss in 12 canine, 4 feline and 4 human feet tracking in all manner of debris and it's easy to understand why hardwood floors are starting to look better and better.

First, I went and swept up the floors and then went into the spare bathroom (again with this bathroom??) and grabbed the carpet cleaner. 

(*Yes...I'm one of those people.  I can hide all sorts of assorted, bulky crap behind that shower curtain.  What's behind YOUR curtain?)

Anyway, I slide the shower curtain open.  We've got this decorative metal rod with metal thingymebobs that hang the curtain.  It makes a sort of tinkling noise as I slide it.  I grab the cleaner, fill the reservoir with hot water from the tub and splash some concentrated cleaner into it.  Haul it up and out and I'm heading into the living room just as SM is walking into the house.

"THAT's what your doing!" he's laughing.  "You should have seen Ginny run out of the house. Ears back, tail tucked...She just flew by me."  She heard the "tinkling" noise.  That's her signal to RUN! 

"She thought she was going to get a..."  I start.

"Yep, B-A-T-H."  SM replies.  You can't say that word around here, you have to spell it.  Poor thing starts quivering and shaking.

"Where'd she go?"  I ask walking out onto the back porch looking for her.

"Over by the shed."  SM nods his head that-a-way.  "See her?"  The shed is her favorite place to run when it IS bath day.  We can play ring around the rosy there for hours.  A sneak attack is the best approach.

"Oh yeah.  There she is."

And there she stayed until about 4:30 when the dinner bell rang. 

Silly girl!


  1. Ah, but at least she didn't walk dirt all over your freshly cleaned carpets ;)

  2. It is so amazing that some dogs love baths and water while others hate it with a passion.

  3. Cute story. But poor widdle Ginny! ;o}

  4. I'm with you on being on a mission to get things done. My husband does the same thing your SM did to you, but mine has learned that I can't sit still. And yes wood floors are much easier. Especially with animals. Looks like you had a beautiful yesterday. What a great yard you have.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  5. It must have been a Spring cleaning kind of weekend. I was busy washing walls and redecorating a bit while Sweet Husband was sitting around doing nothing all day Sunday... but with that said he was fighting a bit of a cold all week so I'll give him that...this time ;-)