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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dangeling That Carrot

I went back to work this week.  (Sob)

I had the "Back to Work Blues" something awful on Monday.  Kinda reminds me of the "But I don't wanna go to school today" whine from my childhood.

Anyway, SM and I ran over to Lowes on Monday because I needed more DE and I wanted to replace that kitchen blind that broke.  (SM wanted to try and fix it.  "You can't fix those if the strings break, Honey"...but he had to look.)

So we were zipping by Tom Johnson Camping and RV on the way home and I noticed that they had to doors open to the RV's.  An open invitation?

I pointed it out to SM and said "Wanna take a look?" and The Man did a U turn and pulled in.  What-A-Guy!

Now, SM really isn't into looking at RV's at this point.  The man's got a life. 

But he knew his wife was in "boo-hoo land" and knew just what to do for it.  He knows a carrot when he see's one.

So we wandered around and looked at about 10 RV's, C Class and A Class.  SM said to me "You should see your face" as I stepped into the first RV, my eye's shining and clapping my hands.  He was laughing at me by this  point.

Hey...what can I say...I'm an cheap date.

It was nice to dream and talk about our future part time life for a little while.  SM actually became a bit more interested by looking at them.  So I guess the carrot can go both ways.

So now I'm back to the grind, which isn't really all that bad (except for the freakin drive time...YUCK).

But now I've got RV dreams dancing in my head. 



  1. I've watched several shows on tv about RV's....they've certainly come a long way in the past few years. LUXURY! Wow!

  2. We love our RV and it has come in handy for so many things. And when you have dogs it is the only way to go. I have not stayed in a hotel for over 10 years and we even use it for day trips. That way I have my own toilet, the dogs have a/c if we need to leave them in the vehicle, and I can always make a meal. I just thought I would throw a whole bunch of carrots at you ;)

  3. But ya can't grow your carrots to eat if you're living out of your RV roaming the country! (I know, there's a time and a place for everything!)

    P.S. It wouldn't take much carrot-dangeling to get me to trade my torn up house for one of those all-together RVs right now!

  4. End the drive time by selling your house, buying the rv and hitting the road. Join your Mom & Bob out here having fun whereever we park it. And guess what. We can have carrots any time we want to. And they don't cost as much as yours do

  5. With the RV, you can visit local farmer's markets and still eat home-grown!
    We had a travel trailer before we moved and we miss camping a lot. Someday again for us too...