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Friday, May 4, 2012

Flame ON

SM gave me a hug and a kiss the other morning..."Wow, you're nice and warm!"

He snuggles in closer.

"Yep!  Flame ON" I say, snapping my fingers. 

SM laughs.

You'd have to know that the phrase "Flame On" is from the The Fantastic Four comics.  They have a few movies out and one of the guys has a super hero power where all he has to say is "Flame ON" and he becomes The Human Torch

Kinda like me. 

So I've been saying that alot lately.  It's easier to say "Flame ON" and let SM know that I'm pushing him away not because I'm mad or something.  I'm pushing him away cause I'm hot.  Snuggle time is definately being compromised lately.

Which also makes me consider how times have changed. 

Twenty years ago I'd be schucking my clothes in a quick strip tease which had more to do with raging hormones and "bunny loving" than anything else.  You've never heard of bunny loving?  You know, humping like bunnies!

We got to calling it my Ovulation Dance

SM and I tried to have kids at one point.  I would take my basal body temperature to know if I was ovulating or not but it really wasn't necessary. 

SM would know it was game time just from my raging hormones.  What can I say?  I was a horney young thing.


Eh...not so much.   

The only strip tease going on around here is how quickly I can shuck off a blanket, a pullover or SM's arm from off my shoulder. 

Trust me.  When you get that hot, that fast, it's "Get off me quick cause I'm about to ignite."


One of these days I just might!


  1. Nothing worse than that feeling! Even in winter my feet are stuck out from under the duvet - just can't take the heat either...

  2. Wish I could say just hang in there, that the "Flame On!" will stop soon. I once asked a 75 year old how long her hot flashes lasted. She replied, "I'll let you know." Guess we just have to keep our sense of humor, right?