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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Stuff

We had lots of the good stuff this week.  That's right.


Over 2 inches according to TWC but it sure felt like more around here.  The garden is slowly snapping back, but with the cooler temperatures we've been having I'm not seeing the growth that I would have thought I'd see.

I have to remind myself that's it's only the middle of May.

It's a long way until I see that first tomato.


  1. Yay-wonderful rain-I'm glad you got some. Hopefully your garden will "explode" with fresh growth. Have a great weekend, Tami!

  2. Yay for adequate rain. We're still waiting but, of course, not having the warm/hot temps you've had.

    Your yard and garden look absolutely manicured. Come on now, confess. You have a yard crew that works eight hours a day, right?