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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two For Tuesday

After a month of just eating lettuce greens our snow peas are finally big enough to harvest.

Nothing better than a crisp, snappy, crunchy pea.  I really like this variety of pea, SO much easier to see the yellow pod than the typical "green" pod...everything would blend together making harvesting that much harder.

I planted only enough for fresh eating.  Cooked snow peas are good but I'd rather just eat them out of hand or in a salad.



  1. I so agree and have actually been thinking (drooling?) about snow peas a lot lately! Have you ever tried freezing them? They would be so wonderful to toss in stir fries in the winter, but I sure don't like the soggy things they become no matter how many ways/times I try to freeze them. And that's just SO inferior to having them fresh!

  2. I agree with Mama Pea---Love the peas, but really, only fresh will do. As a matter of fact, most never make it out of the garden-LOL!

  3. Lucky you! It's going to be two or three weeks before we have any peas here. The green peas are very hard to find. I grow two varieties, one purple and one blush. They are much much easier to find on the vines.

    I blanch and freeze peas for the winter. I reduce the blanching time and they turn out fine.I know this is a no no by the you know who. But, who trusts them anyway???

  4. Do you mind sharing the variety? I think they would be so much easier to see, and they look great on the vine as well. Great harvest.

  5. Those do look good!

    Wish I had more beds prepared for veggies. We add more and more every year and I fill them up and need more! These 5 acres will one day be done!

  6. These were Baker Creek Golden Sweet and I do have a hard time getting them into the house. Everytime I go out I stop by and munch on them.