Friday, June 22, 2012

Bringing In The Beans

We will go rejoicing...

Bringing in the beans!  (And some squash too...!)

I love me some beans!  This year I planted 4 varieties.  Baker Creeks Golden Wax, Blue Lake (of course) and (new to me) Contender and Royalty Purple.

The Golden Wax always arrives first.  I swear these are the most tender beans on the planet.  If you've boiled them for 5 minutes, you've boiled them too long.  These are great if you like to steam your beans.

The Contenders are starting to size up along with the Purple Royalty.  I should be picking more and more of those over the next few days.  The Blue Lake's are just starting to bloom now.

I've divided my bean patch into 3 sections and I'm rotating my picking that particular patch every three days, so while I'm picking every day, I'm allowing the smaller beans to size up. 

We've hit a hot, dry spell here lately, (the whole East Coast has) so I've been watering the bean patch every few days.  I want those beans tender and plump!

I'm sure I'll be spending part of this weekend putting all these beans up.  I've got 3 bags in the fridge waiting to process now. 

(*Along with all those Sweet Onions.  I'm going to freeze up I want  first, then I'll give the rest to the neighbors and coworkers next week.)


  1. Love love LOVE beans. My favorite have always been the Blue Lake. They're a little pokey-slow, but well worth the wait.
    Have a beany-good weekend!

  2. very nice! I love yellow wax beans more than green and can't wait to try first this year.

  3. Those look great. I may try some next year. It is great to read other Carolina blogs and see what works.

  4. Great job! I canned so many green beans last year I still have over 100 pint jars! I only planted a few rows for fresh eating this year. Last year was my first year with the yellow wax...and you are so right, they are delicious!

  5. I love a good harvest. It is very satisfying to stalk the pantry or freezer with YOUR produce. So very much fun to share the "wealth" with friends and neighbors.Enjoy your bounty.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  6. String beans are my favorite. I just seeded some yellow wax beans in areas where lettuce was pulled. I haven't had them for a few years and am looking forward to them.

  7. I like to mix my yellow and green beans when I freeze them. Makes such a pretty, colorful veggie on the plate. But the one thing with those beans is when they start coming in, you've gotta keep picking 'em!

  8. I am so envious! I've only got one kind of bean planted, but it's for drying. I love fresh green beans. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

  9. Oooh, they look dee-lish. I planted the Blue Lake variety, but they didn't do much. You are really gettin' the hang of this farming thing, eh?