Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Change Of Pace

SM and I were sitting at the kitchen table the other day, a glass of wine in our hands.  We'd been talking about our day, about this or that and had fallen silent for a few minutes.

"Do you feel that?"  I asked.

"What?"  SM.

"It's Summer.  Do you feel the change?"  I asked again.

"Yeah, I do."  SM said.  (He knew what I meant.)

For some reason it finally hit us this week.  The change in the season, the change of pace.  Almost a stretching of time, like a yawn, where you take a slow deep breath and stretch all your muscles...then relax.

Summer isn't a time for relaxing really, there's so much to do, both work and play.  But there's a different kind of mellow in the air.  A slight slowing down of pace.

I noticed it myself during the work week.  My drive time (one way) is usually 50-60 minutes into the city.  Tension filled, bumper to bumper traffic.  (A fun way to start your day to be sure.)  But with school out finally, I'm shocked at how light traffic is.  Can there really be that many school related cars out on the road every morning?  I guess there can.  It's stunning really if you think about it.  That's a LOT of people on the road all at one time.  I've shaved off 10-20 minutes on my drive time one way. 

So I've been leaving for work much later, which allows me more time for my morning chores.  And with the sun coming up earlier, it's a treat to be out in the garden first thing.  I'm picking beans and pulling weeds at 6 am, the dogs running and sniffing through the dewy grass.  SM will walk out with a cup of coffee and stands there blerry-eyed, waking up, pointing out a long bean here and there that I missed.

I get back into the house by 7 and I'm out the door by 7:30.  But even at work the pace changed.  People are more relaxed and the volume has dropped off a bit.  This past week it seemed like half the doctors in the building were on vacation.  My email has been quiet.  The phone is ringing less. 

I'm back home by 5:30 now instead of 6-6:30.  I feel like I've got time to do stuff in the evening now if I want.  I was up last night until 11.  I can't remember the last time THAT happened. 

Granted, I did wake up at 3am today so there's a slight trade off.  But I'm feeling pretty perky for only getting 4 hours of sleep.

But if I get tired later on that's OK.

That's what summer naps are for...


  1. Oooo, summer naps on the front porch....what a dream!
    No, really, what a dream. As in if I managed to lay down long enough on the porch the chickens would likely venture back up here and come on the porch and probably crap on me. Ahhh, the wonders of farm life! :)

    Amazing how much your commute has lessened. It's like a gift of time and it seems you are definitely enjoying it :)

  2. Great post. I know what you mean about the change of pace. I live in the city and I noticed significantly less traffic. Also up at 6 a.m. to work in the garden today. By 6 p.m. It is too hot!

  3. I do know what you mean by the feel of summer. (Here comes a big fat ol' whine . . . get ready.) I haven't felt it at all yet this year. I think it's been 'cause of our extremely wonky spring, the garden doing poorly because of it and now the deluge of rain we've been operating under. I feel like we're in limbo waiting for summer to find her way up here to the northwoods. (Although I'm not on an annual canoe trip like some people are. Now THAT would be something to whine about during this awful, wet, non-summer weather!!)

    P.S. Glad your commuting is better. Bumper-to-bumper commuting . . . (((shudder)))!

  4. Big K is always grateful for school summer and spring breaks, because his driving time is so much easier.
    Enjoy those naps, girl. I'm right there with ya!

  5. I do feel that feeling too. If only all year long we could remain in this state. I love summer and try to soak up every moment. When school starts we are busy-too busy. Here's too that slow down and the lazy days of summer.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  6. Not sure if you are on Facebook, but I came across your blog today and would love for you to join our group called Grow Share Charlotte