Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crowded House

I'd love to be writing some witty, stimulating post right now.  But the simple truth is that there isn't much going on.

Except waiting.

The carpet is supposed to be installed tomorrow morning.  I say "supposed to be" because SM made the arrangements last week but told me yesterday in the midst of ripping out the other bedrooms carpeting that we were supposed to get a confirmation phone call Friday that we're good to go.  

"And we didn't get that call?"  I asked, blinking at him.

"No."  He shrugs.  "But you know that doesn't mean anything.  These guys show up when they show up for the most part."

"Great...."  I mutter.

My house is a bomb.  A great big blob of crap laying everywhere.  Mattresses in the hallway.  Dressers in the kitchen.  A huge file cabinet in the living room.

And boxes everywhere.

We spent yesterday morning wrapping things up in preparation for the install.  We pulled the other rooms carpeting, both rooms floor staples and swept and vacuumed and mopped both rooms floors. 

It's amazing how truly filthy a house is. 

Dust was swirling around..."You know we like to think we keep a clean house, but there's no such thing.  It's just a illusion to make us feel better."  I point out.  "We really live just inches off the ground.  It's not so much "clean" as "less dirty" than actually living on the ground."

Neither one of us wanted to stick around the house yesterday.  So we jumped in the car and went to see a movie, (Prometheus-don't bother) and then went out to eat Mexican.  Sat on their outdoor patio and split a margarita and a meal.

Funny how unsettled I feel with everything out of place.  I can only imagine how those of you who've done home renovations have felt.  On the one hand it's a pain but a necessary one.  On the other hand, I'm going to be so excited to get past this and have it DONE.

Until then, my head is like my house.  Crowded. 

Crowded with crap.

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  1. It will all be done soon. Not soon enough I know but it will get done and it will be so nice when it is finished.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead