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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deb's Garden

My friend Debbie lives across the way.  We take care of each other dogs and homes if the other is out of town.  Deb is the recipient of any over abundance of produce that we might have here at 500 Dollar Tomato.

The other day I bagged up some cuc's, squash and onions to take over to her house.  She wasn't there at the time and that allowed me to be snoopy.  I'm a terrible peeping Tami

You see Deb started a veggie garden this year.

She'll admit it's not much but the girl grows all sort of ornamental plants that do really well.  It's about time she turned to the veggie side of life!

Perhaps I was an inspiration?  Maybe. 

But her peppers are looking WAY better than mine so I think "girlfriend" has got a thing or two to teach me!!!!!


  1. Ah, turning to the veggie side of life! Nice looking peppers...she's a natural!

  2. See what an inspiration you've been! Well done!