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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Japanese Long Cucumbers

Last year I planted BC Alpha Beit cucumbers.  I'm not much for cucumbers but SM is.  His verdict was that they were just OK.  Stronger and more bitter than what he cared for, so when it came time to order my seeds this Spring, I decided to try the Japanese Long Cucumber.

Saturday morning during my garden inspection, I noticed that we had a couple of cucs that seemed to be about the right size for picking.  They're very prickly so I used my veggie brush to scrub them and then went back outside to pick beans.

SM was working on his first cup of coffee and must have spotted the cuc, sliced it, and tasted it because the next thing I knew, SM was calling to me while I was bent upside down in the bean patch. 

I straightened up to see SM walking down the path holding out something in his fingers, a great big smile on his face.

"Taste this."  SM commands.  "This is what I've been waiting all year for." 

I taste it and my eyes fly open.

"This is what summer tastes like."  SM says.

"Holey moley is that good."  I said suprised.  "And I don't even like cucumbers all that much."  It was just as BC advertises...crisp and mild.

Have any of Ya'll made cucumber soup?  These plants are going to start putting out here really soon and since we're not big into pickels, I thought maybe a soup would be good to try.  Plus (if we like it) I can freeze the soup.

Regardless...SM has placed his stamp of approval on this one. 

Two thumbs up for the Japanese Longs....This is a winner and WILL be planted in our garden again.


  1. I have not made cucumber soup but boy do I LOVE it. Perhaps it is the dash or so of cream it is made with :)

  2. Alriiiighty, then. I swear by my Sweet Success cukes (all female, self-pollinating). But for the first time I'm excited to try something new. Those Japanese long cukes are going on my list for next year. :-D

  3. "This is what summer tastes like." Perfect!